Programs for researchers

Graduate researchers can undertake study overseas, with opportunities ranging from a few weeks to a year.

Exchange programs

By participating in an exchange program, you will receive assistance from the University of Melbourne to undertake research at one of our partner institutions, while continuing with your current tuition arrangement with us.

There are several benefits to undertaking an exchange program:

  • Pay tuition fees to the University of Melbourne rather than your host institution
  • Receive admin support throughout the entire process from one of our Education Abroad Advisers
  • Access a range of university scholarships and funding options.

Universitas 21 (U21) Exchange programs

Universitas 21 (U21) is a partnership network comprised of 25 prestigious institutions in Australia and around the world. University of Melbourne students applying for exchange to a U21 institution are given preference for acceptance and housing at their host institution.

Non-partner programs

You may have the option to undertake a non-partner program with an institution that is not partnered with the University of Melbourne. To participate in a non-partner program you must:

  • Independently research, apply to and organise your research opportunity at the host institution of choice
  • Pay tuition fees directly to your host institution rather than to the University of Melbourne
  • Receive approval from the University of Melbourne to undertake research overseas by following the process below.

Important information

Data collection undertaken overseas for a thesis will not receive credit. However, if research is completed as part of a research subject, you may be awarded credit on completion of the subject.

The process

Studying overseas as a graduate researcher can be complex, so it's worth speaking with a Stop 1 adviser about what you would like to do and reviewing the graduate researchers requirements for Study Away.

Once you're ready to start the process, please submit an online enquiry to Stop 1.

You'll need to let us know about your intended:

  • Host institution and destination, and why you chose it
  • Dates of overseas research
  • Research topic
  • Potential supervisor at your host institution (if you've identified one).

Please also indicate whether or not you have received support to study overseas from your supervisors here at the University of Melbourne. You will be required to satisfy all Study Away requirements as a graduate researcher.

Once we receive your enquiry, a member of our partnerships team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Application dates and timelines

Different dates and timelines apply depending on what type of overseas study you'd like you complete.

You should get in touch with us to begin your application process at least 12 weeks before the application deadline.