Funding options

It may feel like studying overseas is outside your current financial capacity – but there are many funding options available for a variety of circumstances to help you achieve your goals.

An Australian Government loan scheme, OS-HELP, provides financial assistance for Australian students undertaking some of their undergraduate study overseas. All Australian students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place are eligible to apply for the interest-free loan, which allows you to defer loan repayments through the taxation system.

In 2022, the maximum amounts that can be borrowed for study programs to the following countries are:

  • Asia: $8519 with an additional $1133 if you undertake Asian language study in preparation
  • Countries other than Asia: $7100.

For more information, including instructions on how to apply, see:

University of Melbourne scholarships

The University of Melbourne offers a wide range of awards, grants and scholarships to students undertaking an overseas study opportunity. These are awarded based on varying eligibility requirements and criteria, including financial need, academic merit, destination and study discipline.

Visit our Scholarships page for more information.

High-profile scholarships

There are a number of prestigious scholarship programs available if you are interested in taking an ambassador role on behalf of the University. View our Scholarships page for more information.

External funding options

You can also apply for any other external funding available. Visit your host institution's website to find scholarships available to exchange and non-partner students.

Casual or part-time work

If you undertake study overseas, it's likely you will need to finance some costs out of your personal savings. We recommend getting a casual or part-time job in the year or months leading up to your overseas study experience. Check out our Careers and employability website for more information on finding and applying for work.