Student mobility registration form

The student mobility registration form is no longer in use.

  • If you are participating in a faculty-led program or an individual placement activity, please consult your faculty for advice and approval.
  • If you have received approval from your faculty, and have been instructed to complete this registration form, please register for the University’s travel insurance instead. This will also record your trip details.
  • If you wish to apply for a scholarship or grant, please visit Melbourne Mobility Awards.
The University has updated its current travel advice due to COVID-19. Student exchange to New Zealand for Semester 2, 2021 has been reinstated with applications opening on 10 May 2021.
Study abroad and exchange to other locations remain cancelled for Semester 2, 2021 as global student travel has been suspended until 31 October 2021. Read the latest advice or find out more about completing exchange in Semester 1, 2022.