When you arrive

Welcome to your host destination and institution! Before you start making new lifelong friends and exploring, there are a couple of quick admin tasks to complete.

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Must do

  • Enrol at your host institution

    The first thing you need to do when you arrive at your host institution is enrol. Any questions about enrolment at this point should be directed to your host institution. It is likely that they will have emailed you relevant details to do this.

    After you complete your enrolment at your host institution, you may need to make adjustments to your overseas study plan. Further information on this is available below.

  • Attend orientation

    The best way to settle in to your new surroundings is to attend orientation to gather any useful information that will be required. If you haven't received orientation details directly from your host institution, check in with them on arrival or send them an email.

  • Finalise your overseas study plan

    Once you've enrolled at your host institution, you will need to confirm your overseas study plan. Log back into the Overseas Study Planner and:

    • Commit to each subject you are undertaking
    • Finalise your full overseas study plan.

    Check out our overseas study plan statuses FAQ for more details.

    If you encounter a timetable clash, your class has reached capacity, or you are not able to enrol into a preferred subject, don't worry! It happens to a lot of students. However, you must select a new subject and submit it to your Overseas Study Planner for assessment. You are required to do this as soon as you are made aware of any need to change your subject(s) to ensure the new subjects are assessed for credit transfer to your University of Melbourne degree. If not, you may not receive credit from your overseas study program. Make sure you do this before committing to subjects!

    You should contact your Education Abroad Adviser if you have accidentally committed to subjects ahead of time.

  • Update Placeholder subject enrolments

    If changes to your overseas study plan impact the amount of credits (i.e. 37.5 or 50 for one semester) or type of credit (breadth, elective, core) you are seeking to transfer to your University of Melbourne degree, you will need to submit an online enquiry to Stop 1 to have your Placeholder subjects varied.

Good to do

  • Familiarise yourself with emergency contacts

    While we hope you will never need them, it’s always a good idea to keep emergency contact details handy. See our What to do in an emergency page for more information.

  • Submit your contact details

    To the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has an online registration service for Australians overseas - Smartraveller. It is strongly recommended that you make use of this service as you prepare to travel and once you arrive at your host institution and have a permanent address. This information helps DFAT contact you or your family in the event of an emergency.

    To the University of Melbourne

    It is also important to notify the University of Melbourne of your contact details once you have arrived at the host institution. This can be self-managed through navigating the Student admin tab of my.unimelb and following the steps as listed on the Updating Contact Details FAQ.

    Note: Ensure that you update your contact address (your address during the University semester), and not your home address (your permanent address during University holidays).

    Another good idea: your family and friends are thinking of you – give them a call!

What's next?

Step 8: While overseas