Reasons to study overseas

Whether you are looking to travel solo for the first time and gain some independence, or you want to develop that competitive edge in your chosen industry, studying overseas can be life changing.

An unforgettable experience

We offer a range of study options to suit your needs, from short stays to year-long exchange programs. Students of all ages are welcome, as are transfer students and postgraduate students. Funding options are available, too.

A range of benefits

  • Personal growth
    • Challenge yourself and escape your comfort zone.
    • Explore your independence.
    • Build your confidence.
    • Meet new people.
  • Gain experience
    • Explore your host destination.
    • Immerse yourself in a different culture.
    • See the world and gain a new perspective.
    • Learn a new language.
  • Career development
    • Gain a competitive edge by developing new skills.
    • Build a network with international links.
    • Demonstrate initiative, independence and organisational skills.
  • Academic opportunities
    • Take subjects that aren’t available in Melbourne.
    • Experience a different academic system.
    • Gain an international perspective.

What do students have to say?


"I feel ridiculously lucky to have had the experience I did, to have met the people I did. Living overseas definitely disrupts your idea of what your life could look like and expands the possibilities of how it could turn out."

– Sian


"In terms of study, I did not expect such fun and rewarding courses. They were amazing. Well taught, well organised, interesting and with different structure and outcomes to what I have done before."

– Watkin

Find out what overseas study really looks like

The Study Overseas blog shows real students' stories of life as an exchange student.

  • Learn about the process from people who've been through it
  • Find out about exploring new cultures and cities
  • Get your questions answered

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Need a little more convincing?

MUSEX logo

The Melbourne University Student Exchange Society (MUSEX) is a student-run society at the University that assists students who are interested in, currently undertaking or have completed an exchange program. As a member, you can meet incoming overseas students and connect with past students who have undertaken overseas study. By attending one of MUSEX's exciting events you will meet like-minded people, share information and learn about the many benefits travelling and studying overseas has to offer.

Global Society logo

The Global Society is Australia's national society for overseas study students and offers an abundance of peer-sourced information. As a member, you can meet other students undertaking an overseas study program at the same destination as you, as well as access helpful guides, student travel discounts and advice from those who have studied overseas before you. There is also a flight layby system which allows you to book flights before being accepted by your host institution!

Membership is free – simply sign up using your university email address on the Global Society website.

The University has updated its current travel advice to due to COVID-19. Student exchange to New Zealand for Semester 2, 2021 has been reinstated with applications opening on 10 May 2021. Study abroad and exchange to other locations remain cancelled for Semester 2, 2021 as global student travel has been suspended until 31 October 2021. Read the latest advice or find out more about completing exchange in Semester 1, 2022.