Creating a revision program

Revising can be a little daunting, but keeping a revision program will help you keep track of what you need to do.

Why should you use a revision program?

When planning your revision, typical challenges can include:

  • When to start
  • How to cover all the material that may come up in the exam
  • How to cover topics you find more difficult - without sacrificing revision of easier topics
  • What revision materials to use
  • When is enough revision enough?

It takes little time to keep a record of what you have revised and when you revised it. A revision program has the added advantage that you will know exactly what you need to revise next and will not waste time going over some topics too often at the expense of others.

The principle is simple. Keep a list of what you have revised, and rate yourself each time you revise a topic – keep it simple: ‘good’, ‘okay’, ‘needs work’.

Creating a revision program

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