Semester Planner

Download a semester planner to help you break down tasks, meet deadlines and minimise stress.

NOTE: If you would prefer a physical copy, printed poster-size planners are also available from any UoM library or Stop 1. For extra support in health and wellbeing, career prep, academic skills, and IT, check out our Student Services Directory.

Why is long-term planning important?

Using a semester or term planner gives you an overview of everything you need to do in the entire study period. This helps you to see any times where you might be really busy or have lots of deadlines.

For example, when you map in all your assessments you can see when you’ll need to work on several assessments at the same time. This gives you time to think about how you can spread out the work, instead of having to do everything at once.

Download a template

Wall planner (PDF)

The semester wall planner is ideal for displaying in your study space.
You can edit the PDF to add your important dates and notes before printing.
For best performance, download the document, save it to your system and open the file in a PDF reader to make and save your edits.
If you haven't got a reader installed on your device, you can download PDF reader software here.

Semester wall planner
(PDF 444.5 KB)

Download the document

Digital planner (Excel)

If you prefer to something digital that you can customise, try our Excel template. It's suitable for a 12-week semester or eight-week term.

Semester/term digital planner
(XLSX 66.7 KB)

Download the document

How to use a semester planner

There are lots of different ways to use your planner. Hear from other students what worked for them.

Students share how they use their semester planner.

Recommended subject key dates to mark on you planner

In addition to your assignment due dates, you may want to mark your subject key dates on your planner. Always check these dates for each of your subjects in the Handbook as they can vary and are critical for managing your study program and knowing when teaching and assessments periods will occur:

  • Teaching period
  • Last self-enrol date
  • Census date and
  • Last date to withdraw without fail.

Final tip

Although it can take time to set up a planner, it’s well worth doing as it helps you to manage your time and tasks effectively and efficiently.

Also, remember that while your deadlines may be fixed, your planner is a flexible document. Keep adjusting it as things come up and you achieve your goals.

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