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The State Government’s Working for Victoria Fund, which is designed to help Victorians find new work opportunities, is open to workers who have recently lost their job or casuals who no longer have shifts. This includes international students. Relocation, accommodation and transport subsides are also available to eligible participants.

Find the opportunity that’s right for you

It doesn’t matter what type of experience you gain, learning how to articulate the insights and skills you have gained through work experience will help future employers understand your potential contribution to their organisation.

  • Casual or part-time work

    Whether you’re looking for casual work to balance a busy schedule or prepare yourself for a full-time role, you’ll develop important and transferable employability skills, such as communication, teamwork and organisation.

    There are many casual and part time roles options for when you’re getting started:

    • Retail and hospitality: you can gain experience working in a team environment across a wide range of industries.
    • Tutoring opportunities: develop your coaching and supervision skills through tutoring high school students or working with private tutoring colleges.
    • Call centres: develop critical communication and negotiation skills through the many opportunities available for this type of work.
    • Office administration: you can develop many general administration skills such as project coordination, time management, event management, and data entry skills.
  • Work on campus

    If you’d like to work on campus, there are a range of options available:

    • The Students@Work program provides on-campus employment opportunities to current University of Melbourne students. Jobs are advertised on Careers Online. Students are recruited and trained to work in service and administrative roles across campus, including roles offered by the University Library.
    • The Student Union looks for casual student workers to work in a variety of roles including administration, promotions, food and beverage and IT support. Sometimes these are advertised but you can also approach the Student Union directly.
    • Hospitality on campus such as food outlets, cafés and University House. You can approach outlet managers directly.
    • For academic work (e.g. research assisting, tutoring) discuss directly with academic staff in your discipline.
  • Internships

    Workplace experiences improve your job prospects by helping you to:

    • Gain industry knowledge
    • Practice transferable ‘soft’ skills
    • Build meaningful networks and connect with experienced professionals
    • Learn how to apply what you have studied in the classroom in the workplace

    Employers may advertise internship opportunities via Careers Online, GradConnection, GoinGlobal (for overseas roles), their organisation’s website, or external job search sites.

    Enrol in an internship or project-based subject

    Some courses offer opportunities for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) where you can participate in industry-based placements or projects as part of your studies.

    These experiences are important for gaining perspective on how your learning at University applies to the workplace. Work Integrated Learning is coordinated by your faculty.

    Please use the following links to find opportunities related to your course:

  • Self-employment

    Self-employment allows you to take control of your working life while building lifelong skills and experience. You can prepare for the journey ahead by educating yourself and understanding the risks and challenges you might face.

    For a comprehensive list of sites and resources on self-employment visit EmployMe.

  • Professional and graduate work

    Graduate Employment Programs (GEPs) are offered by large organisations and provide formal recruitment, induction and development over one to two years.

    GEPs are open to students in their final year of study and recent graduates (up to two years from degree completion) and often lead to ongoing positions.

    Most employers with graduate programs will advertise their different intakes on Careers Online, Graduate Opportunities, GradConnection and on their organisation’s website.

    Depending on your industry or country of interest, there are a variety of job portals to explore beyond the graduate programs above.

    In Australia SEEK and Indeed are commonly used for job searching.

    For a comprehensive list of sites, visit EmployMe.

  • Working overseas

    Whether you intend to remain and work in Australia, return to your home country, or seek opportunities around the world, it’s important to understand your options, do your research and plan ahead.

    Going Global is our platform for sharing resources on working overseas, covering everything from visa and hiring requirements to workplace culture. If you’re keen on applying for an international opportunity, you can also visit Going Global for a list of advertised roles.

Work rights in Australia

Get to know your work rights, protections and responsibilities as a local or international student.

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