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Guidance from a mentor can help you to get the most out of your study and expand your knowledge of future options and job-seeking strategies.

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Our Ask Alumni program is available to all University of Melbourne students and connects you with graduates from around the world. Explore potential career paths and get insights into organisational culture one conversation at a time.

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Whether you’re exploring potential career paths or already have a career in mind—mentors challenge, motivate and inspire you to pursue your goals.

Mentoring is a great way to:

  • Find out about alternative career paths and options post-study
  • Learn from a professional about how to successfully adjust to the working world
  • Develop your career plan and align your goals to your values
  • Gain confidence in your potential career direction
  • Increase your confidence in networking and professional communication skills
  • Improve your chances of securing a job or graduate admission by developing a professional resume and practicing your interviewing technique.

It’s important to know that your mentoring relationship is different to other student services you might access. For example, a mentor won’t take the place of your tutors or lecturers and can’t provide you with the psychological support you might receive from a university counsellor.

A mentor is not a recruiter or employer—they work with you to explain the expectations of employers and how to make informed decisions on career paths.

Mentoring partnerships are most successful when you are committed to engaging your mentor and respecting boundaries.

For more resources on preparing for mentoring opportunities visit EmployMe. We encourage you to learn more by exploring the programs below.

Ask Alumni

Join the online Ask Alumni community, open to all current students. Connect with alumni from across the globe for one-off conversations—any format, any time, anywhere.

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Faculty mentoring programs

Our faculty mentoring programs are offered to students in their specific discipline, and are usually available to you towards the end of your degree.

Invitation-only mentoring programs

We bring communities of students together from across the University for invitation-only programs, including Australia Awards recipients and Access Melbourne students.