Graduate study for current students

There are many different graduate courses and degree types to explore, all of which will increase your skills, knowledge and employability.

As a current student, you can apply for graduate study at any time through my.unimelb. There’s no need to wait until you’ve received your final results. With your permission, we will access your results without you needing to upload them again.

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Benefits of graduate study

By undertaking graduate study at the University of Melbourne, you'll not only gain graduate qualifications from one of the world’s top 50 universities, but will also increase your:

  • Employability: Strengthen your position in the job market and maximise your employability.
  • Career readiness: For many industries, graduate qualifications are a requirement to enter the profession and advance in the field.
  • Expertise: Advance your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your area of choice.
  • Personal development: Explore your field beyond your degree and expand your professional and personal skills.

There are countless options for you to pursue – from visual arts to journalism, veterinary public health to global wine studies.

Explore your graduate study options

Harry Tashounidis
Continuing my studies with a graduate program after my Bachelor of Science has been an enriching experience, helping me move into the professional service industry and giving me some of my happiest memories. Harry Tashounidis, Master of International Business

Types of graduate study

Graduate study is available in a range of different forms, all of which will increase your skills, knowledge and employability.

Graduate courses often have different teaching patterns and modes to undergraduate courses, with more options to study online, in intensive mode or in block teaching mode. There are also a number of internships and capstone subjects at graduate level which may provide valuable opportunities for you to engage in projects or work-based learning.

The best graduate pathway for you will depend on your undergraduate qualifications, your interests, the type of industry you want to enter, and your preferred length and mode of study.

Degree type What it offers to graduates
Certificate or Diploma
  • Provides the opportunity to further specialise in a particular area.
  • Taken over 6 months to a year (at 50 or 100 points).
  • An ideal way to continue graduate study before committing to a Masters.
  • Some Certificates and Diplomas may be used as an entry into select Masters Degrees, with credit.
Masters (coursework)
  • Provides a higher level of specialised learning, together with skills training and opportunities for industry engagement.
  • Usually a 200 point program.
Masters (research) or PhD
  • Provides graduates with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a particular area of research over a number of years, as well as begin a career in academia.

If you’re thinking ahead to graduate research, it’s good to start planning now. Find out what’s required and what’s involved.

Other types of further study

Honours Programs

If you would like to do further study within your current course, an honours program provides a challenging and rewarding year of additional study to your undergraduate degree. You will develop new research skills, improve your analytical and professional skills and enhance your employability. Honours adds considerable value to your résumé as it demonstrates commitment and dedication, as well as achievement of high level of expertise in a particular discipline.

We offer honours programs in a range of disciplines, including: