Coursework scholarship conditions

Your scholarship offer includes the conditions that you must meet to receive the scholarship benefits. The information on this page applies to scholarships that are subject to the University's Coursework Scholarship Terms and Conditions.

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When will my scholarship start?

Your  scholarship will be activated shortly after you have enrolled in your course. Payments are usually made after census date.

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Can I defer my scholarship?

Most scholarships can be deferred to the following calendar year. If you receive permission to defer your course, your scholarship will be automatically deferred.

If your scholarship offer states that your scholarships can only be deferred if there are compassionate or compelling circumstances that prevented you from starting your course, we will ask you to provide your reasons for seeking a deferral.

If your scholarship cannot be deferred and you do not start your course in the year for which the scholarship was offered, we will withdraw your scholarship.

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What happens if I am sponsored?

If you receive a scholarship or sponsorship from a scholarship provider external to the University of Melbourne, your University of Melbourne scholarship will be withdrawn.

Making changes

Can I extend my scholarship?

Scholarships can usually not be extended beyond the maximum duration as stated in your scholarship offer. However, if you are granted leave of absence, the end date of your scholarship will be extended by one or more semesters.

Can I enrol part-time enrolment?

If you are enrolled for part-time study, your scholarship payments will continue for up to the maximum duration of the scholarship. Your scholarship will not be extended as a result of your part-time enrolment.

Please note: if you receive scholarship payments while enrolled part-time, you should declare these as assessable income in your tax return.

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Can I take leave of absence?

If you are granted a leave of absence from your course, your scholarship will be automatically suspended until you return from leave. The duration of your scholarship will be extended by the duration of your leave.

While on a leave of absence, you will still be able to receive payment for prizes awarded to you for previous semesters.

What happens if I withdraw from or complete my course?

You must be enrolled in a coursework degree in order to receive scholarship payments. If you complete your course early or withdraw from your course, your scholarship will be completed. You will not be entitled to any remaining payments scheduled for after your completion date.

Can I change to another course?

If your scholarship is conditional on maintaining enrolled in a specific course, your scholarship will cease if you withdraw from your course and enrol in another course at the University of Melbourne.

In other cases, your scholarship will continue for the remaining duration.

Your scholarship will also cease if you withdraw from your course and enrol with another education provider.

Concurrent diplomas and single subjects

Some scholarships, such as the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship and Melbourne Access Scholarship, can be extended by up to one year when you enrol in a concurrent diploma.

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholars can also receive an exemption of the HECS Student Contribution for single subject enrolments at the University of Melbourne for a maximum of 25 credit points.

If either of these will apply to you, please submit an online enquiry to the Scholarships team or contact Stop 1 as early as possible to update your scholarship.

Academic progress

Only some merit-based scholarships require recipients to achieve a minimum average result for each half-year study period. Your scholarship offer will state if your scholarship is subject to academic progress requirements.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will be invited to show cause. If you do not  respond or there are no compassionate or compelling reasons for not achieving the minimum average result, your scholarship benefits will be suspended.


If you have any further questions, please submit a Scholarship enquiry