Prestigious travelling scholarship conditions

Find out about the conditions for prestigious travelling scholarships at the University of Melbourne.

These terms and conditions apply to scholarships awarded as part of the Prestigious Travelling Scholarships program.


After you have received an offer for one of the prestigious scholarships, you will be asked to confirm your enrolment or participation at the overseas education institution. Once received we will schedule the first instalment of your living allowance. Each half year, usually April and September, we will ask you again to confirm your ongoing enrolment and provide a brief progress report, which allows us to schedule the subsequent instalments.


Changes to your circumstances, such as receiving another scholarship after you have been offered a prestigious travelling scholarship, or you make changes to your enrolment in the course for which your prestigious travelling scholarship was awarded, can affect your payments or the duration of your scholarship.

Notify us

If you receive another scholarship or intend to make change to your enrolment, you must contact us by submitting online Scholarships enquiry or contact Stop 1.

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