Prestigious travelling scholarship conditions

Find out about the conditions for prestigious travelling scholarships at the University of Melbourne.

The information on this page is for recipients of a prestigious travelling scholarship, including:

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Making changes

Making changes to your enrolment can affect your payments or the duration of your scholarship.

You must submit an online enquiry to the Scholarships team or contact Stop 1 within 14 days of any change in your circumstances relevant to your scholarship.

Part-time enrolment

If you enrol as a part-time student, your scholarship will be suspended unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances that prevent you from enrolling as a full-time student.

If you are enrolling as a part-time student because of compassionate or compelling circumstances, please submit an online enquiry to notify the Scholarships team and attach evidence of your circumstances. If you receive approval for the Scholarships team to continue to receive the living allowance, it will be paid at 50% of the full-time student rate up to the total value of the living allowance.

Please note: if you receive scholarship payments while enrolled part-time, you should declare these as assessable income in your tax return.

For more information, see:

Leave of absence

If you are granted a leave of absence from your course, your scholarship will be automatically suspended until you return from leave. The duration of your scholarship will be extended by the duration of your leave.

Course withdrawal or early completion

You must be enrolled in your overseas course in order to receive scholarship payments.

If you complete your course early or withdraw from your course, your scholarship will be completed, and you will not be entitled to any remaining payments scheduled for after your completion date.

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