Alternative Exam Arrangements

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs) are study adjustments granted to students who require changes to the scheduled conditions or format of an exam.

Students with approved AEAs

For details on your timetable and adjusted conditions see Information for students with approved AEAs.

For the latest information about exams, study resources and support services, visit the exams page. If you have a ‘written campus exam’ then your exam will be delivered on campus.

AEAs apply to all exams, including:

  • End-of-semester and end-of-year exams
  • Supplementary and special exams
  • In-class and mid-semester tests
  • Practical exams.

What circumstances may require an AEA?

Circumstances might include:

  • Chronic or permanent physical or mental health conditions
  • Significant carer responsibilities
  • Elite athletes or performers
  • Defence Reservists
  • Emergency volunteers
  • Official religious or cultural reasons.

What adjustments are available?

Adjustments are determined case-by-case for individual subjects. Possible adjustments include:

  • Additional reading and/or writing time
  • Rest breaks
  • Completing exams on a computer or by hand, according to disability adjustments
  • Provision of a scribe or reader.

How to register

To be considered for AEAs and other study adjustments, Register for ongoing support. Please note that there are deadlines to finalise AEAs for each study period. Further information can be found at the linked website.

What’s next?

Once the exam timetable has been published for the relevant study period, you will be able to view your AEA exam timetable via the my.unimelb homepage.

What if my exam does not appear in my.unimelb?

If you have an end of semester exam that does not appear on your exam timetable in my.unimelb, it is likely that this exam is being run directly by your faculty.

To discuss AEA conditions being applied to those exams, please contact your relevant faculty staff as per the instructions on your Academic Adjustment Plan.

Information for students with approved AEAs

Checking your exam timetable

You can view your exam timetable in my.unimelb. Here’s how to tell if your exam has AEAs included:

A screenshot showing each of the below fields in my.unimelb

If you have time adjustments in your AEA conditions, these will now be itemised in your my.unimelb timetable and you will be able to select ‘View exam details without AEA’s’ to compare how the exam will run without your AEA conditions.

Start date and time

Noted in green beneath the subject name, this is the date and time that you will be able to commence your exam.

Reading time

It is recommended you use this allocated time to read the exam and plan your approach. In the LMS and in my.unimelb, the reading time is automatically included in the official exam time, and begins at the listed start time of the exam.

Writing time

The total writing time including any additional writing time in your AEAs is listed separately.

Rest breaks (if relevant)

If rest breaks are included in your AEA conditions, the total available break time will be separately listed.

How to apply rest breaks in the online exam environment:

In the online exam environment, rest breaks are self-managed:

  • Each student with rest break adjustments keeps track of their break times
  • You can take those breaks at any time during the exam that you need to
  • If you do not need your full break allocation, you simply finish the exam earlier
  • As in the on-campus environment, breaks cannot be converted to additional writing time.

We encourage students with time adjustments to practice tracking their time while completing their practice exams, and to create a plan for how you think the exam might go. Test different methods, for example writing your writing and break tally as you go, or using a stopwatch. This will help to relieve the pressure on the day of the exam, as you will have your timing plan in place to guide you.


Your exam venue will indicate whether Alternative Exam Arrangements have been made for that exam.

Exam conditions

This displays the format of your exam. Different exam formats will have different time commitments and conditions, so you will need to be prepared for the assigned exam formats for each of your exams.

Understanding conditions

Time-based conditions

If your assessment conditions include a time-based adjustment (reading, writing or rest time), the adjustments have been assessed and accommodated for in each of your centrally-timetabled exams. Your conditions will be calculated and applied to your exam time in the LMS.

Scheduling conditions

If you have a scheduling condition such as ‘morning exam only’, your condition has been accommodated in your exam timetable. If you see that you have an exam scheduled that does not accommodate your AEA conditions, please contact

Accessible formatting conditions

If your AEA conditions include accessible formatting requirements that have not already been met in the move to online delivery, please contact to discuss your concerns as soon as possible.

Equipment conditions

If your AEA conditions include equipment requirements that you do not have in your current study environment, please contact to discuss your concerns as soon as possible.

Other AEA enquiries

If you have any other questions about your AEA exams, please contact