Your graduation is an exciting time that celebrates the completion of your degree and welcomes you into the global alumni community.

Find information below on your graduation arrangements, your graduation certificate and attending an in-person celebration in 2022.

Graduations update

The University is closely monitoring Victoria’s COVID-19 environment and the impact it may have on our planned events, including in-person graduation ceremonies. Eligible students should anticipate further information in late January 2022 rather than 10 January 2022 as previously advised.

The safety and wellbeing of our graduates, guests and the University community remains our greatest priority. Please continue to refer back to this page for information and updates on in-person graduation ceremonies.

COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement for anyone attending our campuses or undertaking University activities in third-party or public settings. Find out more about vaccination requirements.

Learn more about the University’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

Graduation arrangements

Your graduation will involve two stages, the conferral of your award soon after you complete your study and an in-person graduation ceremony to celebrate with the University community.

1. Conferral of awards

To allow you to receive your qualification as early as possible, the formal conferral of your award will take place in absentia, usually on the last working day of the month that your course completion is confirmed. You will receive information on how to have your award conferred as you complete your study. You can check our calendar of conferral dates for more information. You will receive your graduation certificate (known as a Testamur) and have access to your final academic transcripts. Following your conferral, you will be invited to attend an in-person graduation. Learn more below.

2. In-person graduation ceremonies in 2022

After your formal conferral has taken place, we also look forward to welcoming you to attend an in-person graduation ceremony. As part of your ceremony, you will wear academic regalia, cross the stage, be congratulated by University leadership, and celebrate with your family, friends and the University community. You will also have access to studio photography and graduation merchandise before and after the ceremony. The next round of in-person graduation ceremonies will be held in 2022 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, subject to government health requirements in place at the time. Students who graduated in absentia in 2020 and 2021 will be eligible to attend the first round. Learn more below.

Graduation FAQs

In-person graduation ceremonies

  • I’m completing my degree in Semester 2 2021. Will I be able to attend a 2022 ceremony?

    Yes, all students completing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree by the end of 2021 will be invited to attend a ceremony in 2022.

  • My degree was conferred in 2020 or earlier in 2021 – can I attend the 2022 ceremonies?

    Graduates who responded to their invitation to attend the August/September 2021 ceremonies (which was unable to proceed) will receive an invitation to the 2022 ceremonies.

    Graduates who did not respond to their previous ceremony invitation will not automatically receive a further emailed invitation but will be able to express their interest in attending a graduation ceremony and accommodated if possible.

  • What is the ceremony format in 2022?

    In 2022, graduation ceremonies will be the same format as previously-held ceremonies. You will be presented on stage as a graduate, dress in your academic regalia and celebrate with family, friends and your University of Melbourne community. The only difference will be that the conferral process happens in the lead-up to the event, giving you access to your qualifications shortly after your study is complete.

  • Will there be regalia and photography services at the 2022 graduation ceremonies?

    Yes there will be.  Academic regalia is part of the graduation experience for everyone attending an in-person ceremony and will be included as part of your graduation fee.

    The University’s photography partner will be onsite at the Royal Exhibition Building offering professional photography services at the 2022 in-person graduation ceremonies.

  • How many guests will I be able to bring?

    Pending public health restrictions in place at the time, we plan to offer all Bachelor and Master graduates two guest tickets as part of their graduation fee. PhD and Higher Doctoral students will receive five guest tickets as part of their graduation fee. More tickets may be available to purchase closer to the event and graduates will be advised if they are available.

  • What merchandise and photo opportunities will be available?

    All traditional merchandise and studio photography will be available on the day, with options to order online in advance or purchase at the venue on your ceremony day. Learn more about photo and merchandise services.

  • I am currently interstate/overseas – if I can't attend due to border closures, will I receive a refund?

    Yes. Any graduate who pays their graduation fee who is then unable to attend their graduation ceremony due to border closures will receive a refund. We will contact you again when future graduation opportunities become available.

  • Will there be a livestream of the in-person graduation ceremony?

    Yes, a free live stream will be available for any guests who cannot attend the in-person ceremonies. The stream will be available on the Graduations website and a direct link will be emailed to you closer to the event.

  • What are the costs/fees for attending an in-person ceremony?

    The University is reviewing the cost of attending in-person graduation ceremonies and will publish the 2022 costs by the end of December 2021.

  • My family is interstate/overseas and cannot attend in 2022. Can I defer my ceremony?

    Yes, you can. This will be an option you can choose when responding to your invitation.

  • I have completed my PhD. Will my supervisor be able to attend my ceremony?

    Yes. If your supervisor would like to attend your ceremony, they can find further information on the University of Melbourne staff Graduations page. You will receive information on how to invite your supervisor in your invitation to graduate once your response has been confirmed and your ceremony has been allocated.

  • I have a supplementary/special exam in December 2021, when will I be eligible to have my award conferred and receive an invitation to an in-person graduation ceremony?

    If you are sitting a supplementary exam, your degree will be conferred at the next conferral round after your results are finalised, for Semester 2 2021 that is most likely in January 2022. When conferred, the Graduations Office will contact you with an invitation to the first available 2022 round of in-person graduation ceremonies.

  • I will be undertaking an Honours year, when will my award be conferred? When can I attend an in-person ceremony?

    If you are about to undertake Honours, you should still have your Bachelor award conferred at the first available conferral round. Your Bachelor degree and Honours year are separate awards, and you will receive a  testamur for each. Once you have been conferred for your Bachelor degree, you can attend a graduation ceremony, or wait until you have completed Honours.

  • What measures will the University be taking to ensure that ceremonies will be Covid-safe?

    We will be working very closely with our graduation partners to provide a COVID Safe environment for everyone. The health, safety and wellbeing of our community is of the utmost importance. As part of our ongoing response to the pandemic, to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to our community, COVID-19 vaccination (or a valid exemption) is now a requirement for anyone attending our campuses. For more information visit the University’s Vaccination website.

Completion and conferral

  • Once my results come out, how will I know if I am eligible to graduate?

    After your results have been published in my.unimelb, we will confirm with you via email if you have passed all your course requirements. You will need to pass all your course requirements to be eligible to graduate.

  • I have completed a Bachelor or Masters degree. What happens next?

    You will receive an email once you complete your course, with information about the next in absentia conferral opportunity, which is usually the same month as you complete. This means you receive your qualifications and graduation certificate as quickly as possible after completing your degree. Once your degree is conferred, you are eligible to attend an in-person graduation ceremony.

  • I have completed my PhD or Higher Doctorate. What happens next?

    You will receive an email once you complete your course, with information about the next in absentia conferral opportunity, which is usually the same month as you complete. This means you receive your qualifications and graduation certificate as quickly as possible after completing your degree. Once your degree is conferred, you are eligible to attend an in-person graduation ceremony.If you would like to be conferred on a different date, please submit an online enquiry as soon as possible to discuss your options with us.

  • I have completed a Certificate or Diploma. What happens next?

    You are not required to attend a ceremony, as there are no ceremonies for students graduating with these awards. We will post your graduation certificate to you once you have completed your course. If you have completed a degree at the same time as your Certificate or Diploma, you will still be invited to a graduation ceremony for the degree. If you are a Fine Arts and Music student, there are separate arrangements in place and you will be contacted according to the information outlined for Bachelor degrees.

  • Can I graduate if I have outstanding fees, debt or fines?

    If you have any outstanding fees, debt or fines, you will receive a notification and a sanction will appear on my.unimelb. You will need to make payment to be eligible to graduate.

  • Can I have my degree conferred at an in-person ceremony?

    There will be no degrees conferred at in-person ceremonies in 2021 or 2022. The conferral of your award will take place soon after you complete your study. Once this has happened, you will become eligible to attend an in-person graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievements.

  • Can I defer my conferral?

    There might be practical reasons to defer your in absentia conferral, such as the eligibility requirements for further study at specific institutions, which may only accept applications from students who have graduated within a specific time period. If this doesn’t apply to you, then we recommend you choose to have your degree conferred in absentia at the earliest opportunity to confirm your qualification, receive your graduation certificate (testamur) and other academic transcripts.

  • What evidence can I use to prove I have completed my degree for job applications or further study?

    You can download an evidence of qualification for free via my.unimelb, after the final results release date. This is a useful document if you are waiting for your conferral and testamur, as it is evidence that you passed your degree. The evidence of qualification will not list your conferral date until after your degree is conferred.

    After your degree is conferred (ie once you graduate in absentia) you will receive your testamur (graduation certificate) and qualifications. Graduating in absentia ensures that graduates can receive their certificate(s) and qualifications as soon as possible with the certainty that they will be invited to celebrate in person once health restrictions allow it.

  • Can I collect my certificate instead of it being posted?

    We are currently unable to offer an option for you to collect your certificate (testamur) in person.

    We post to domestic addresses and most international locations via Australia Post . Please note there are some countries who are not permitting international delivery at the moment.

    To ensure your certificate is sent to the right postal address, please check and update your ‘contact’ address details in my.unimelb (after clicking this link, you will need to click ‘Contact’ in the left menu to see your address details). If you need to update your address details, please follow these instructions.

    The Graduations team will email you prior to your testamur being posted with an opportunity for you to update your address within a tight timeline.

  • Will my testamur have 'with Distinction' printed on it?

    Students completing the following degrees will have 'with Distinction' printed on their testamur if eligible:

    • Doctor of Dental Surgery
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • Doctor of Physiotherapy
    • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    • Master of Computer Science
    • Master of Economics
    • Master of Engineering
    • Master of Environment
    • Master of Epidemiology
    • Master of Industrial Engineering
    • Master of Information Systems
    • Master of Informational Technology
    • Master of Science

    You can find more information regarding your testamur here.

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