Study load

A standard full-time study load is 50 credit points per half-year period. However, you may be able to increase or decrease your study load to help meet your goals.

What is study load?

Your study load is determined by the number of credit points you enrol in for each half-year period (defined as January to June and July to December).

A standard full-time study load is 50 points per half-year period. Different study load requirements apply to domestic students and international student visa holders. Such conditions are stipulated in the University's enrolment and timetabling policy.

  • Domestic students
    • full-time study load is 37.5 credit points or more in one semester (or half-year period), up to a maximum of 50 credit points.
    • part-time study load is less than 37.5 points in one semester (or half-year period).

    How to manage your study load

    You can self-manage your study load by enrolling in or withdrawing from subjects to change from full-time to part-time. You do not need to notify the University of this change.

    See below for more information on increasing or decreasing your study load or check your enrolment requirements for further information about how to keep your place in your course each year.

    Considerations when changing your study load

    Your study load status may affect your eligibility for:

  • International student visa holders
    • You are required to enrol in 50 points in each half-year period in order to complete your course within the time limit set by your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), except where a reduced study load has been approved.
    • You are eligible to enrol in online subjects if you are also enrolled in at least one subject that is delivered on-campus for each half-year period. This requirement is waived if you are taking online subjects in your final semester. The total number of online subjects taken must not exceed one-third of your course.
    • Check your other enrolment requirements for further information about how to keep your place in your course each year.

Increasing or decreasing your study load

During your course you may need to change your study load. This can happen for many reasons, including needing to find a balance with some aspect of your personal life, to improve your academic progress or to accelerate your course progression.

Different processes and applications apply depending on the type of change you want to make and your citizenship status while you’re studying. Changing your study load is also likely to affect the duration of your studies. You should be aware that your course has a maximum allowed duration. For student visa holders, a change to your course duration could have significant visa implications.

See below for a brief outline of your options. Remember to check your eligibility before you change your study load, as it may have implications for your graduation.

  • Overloading (taking more than 50 points per semester)

    Overloading is enrolment in more subjects during a given study period than your course usually permits. For most courses, this means taking more than 50 points in a standard semester.

    Overloading is normally limited to bachelors and masters coursework students who are in their final semester or who have obtained consistently good results.

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  • Over-enrolment (taking extra subjects in your course)

    Over-enrolling is when you take extra subjects that will take you beyond the maximum points for your course.

    The University permits students to complete additional study beyond the usual number of credit points required for a course only where the student cannot meet the requirements of their course without completing additional study.

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  • Reduced Study Load (international students)

    As a student visa holder, you are required to complete your course by the end date on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). This requires you maintain a standard study load of 50 points in each half-year period.

    However, in certain circumstances you may be able to apply for a Reduced Study Load.

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  • Part-time study (domestic students)

    Domestic students must be enrolled in at least 37.5 points (3 standard subjects) to be considered full-time. If you are enrolled in less than 37.5 points (usually two standard subjects) in either (or both) first or second half-year period, it is automatically defined as part-time.

    If you intend to withdraw from a subject, make sure:

    • It is not required as a prerequisite for subjects you intend to study in the future
    • It is not required as a co-requisite for subjects you are currently studying.

    Our course planning advisers can help you to understand which subjects you may be able to withdraw from without affecting your ability to progress through your course.

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