Get University of Melbourne approval

After you've submitted your application, the University of Melbourne will assess it for approval. If approved, you’ll be accepted into the Exchange program.

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The approval process

Overseas study can be one of the highlights of a student's university experience. Making the right decision about where to go and what stage in your degree to study overseas can have a big impact on your experience. This is why it can take some time for us to notify you of the outcome. During assessment, our team works hard to dot the i's and cross the t's to make sure everything is in order before you travel.

How your application is processed

When we assess your eligibility, we will be reviewing your:

  • Eligibility for your selected semester program
  • Academic status
  • Completion of the myWorld First Step online program.

We also spend time carefully reviewing your host institution preferences and are usually able to send students to their first preference institution. In fact, almost 80 per cent of all students who apply are selected for their first preference. In cases where this is not possible, we'll carefully look at your second and third preferences and nominate you to one of these institutions. That's why it’s important for you to carefully and honestly consider all three preferences.

In very rare cases, and often when our advisers feel there is an institution that is a better fit for you and your degree, we'll recommend a partner institution outside of your listed preferences. Either way, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to make sure you have enough time to consider the nomination outcome.

Keep an eye out for conditional approvals

In some cases there may be conditions attached to your approval. Usually these conditions must be met prior to your departure as they relate to your eligibility for overseas study. When you are advised of the condition, you'll also be advised how and when you are required to meet it.


First: don't stress! It could take approximately 4-6 weeks after the application deadline for us to assess your application and notify you of the outcome, but approval times do vary and could range from weeks to months. You will hear back from us, we promise.

See our Exchange application processing FAQ for expected outcome dates.

The nomination process

If you are eligible, you then need to be matched with a host institution. There are three stages in the nomination process and this can take up to three months after we receive your initial application. Note that you will also receive a link to complete the Overseas Study Planner after the first stage, which is covered in the next step of the process. If any of your circumstances change during this time, please get in touch with us.

The three stages

  1. Confirm host institution: We spend time carefully selecting your host institution, taking your preferences into account. For the Exchange program there may be limited placements available at any one host institution. We negotiate with our partners to make sure we send students to their first preference host institution wherever possible, but if we are unable to nominate you to your first preference, we'll consider your second and third preferences instead.
  2. Apply to host institution: Once allocated to a host institution, you will receive an email informing you of what is required by that institution for its application process. The completed application must be returned to us by a specified date with all supporting documentation.
  3. Receive outcome: Your host institution application will be sent overseas for consideration. Assessment times can vary depending on the host institution. Rest assured that your Education Abroad adviser will check in with your host institution if they feel that the assessment time is longer than usual.

What's next?

Step 4: Complete your overseas study plan

The University has updated its current travel advice to all students due to COVID-19, and overseas study will not be possible in Semester 2. Read the latest travel advice or find out more about completing semester exchange in 2021.