Alternative Exam Arrangements - Section contents

There are times when you may require Alternative Exam Arrangements due to ongoing circumstances outside your control.

What is an Alternative Exam Arrangement (AEA)?

AEAs are a type of study adjustment offered to students who have been granted Special Consideration for ongoing support and require changes to the scheduled conditions or format of an examination.

AEAs apply to all exams, including:

  • end-of-semester and end-of-year exams
  • supplementary and special exams
  • in-class and mid-semester tests
  • practical exams.

Who should register?

AEAs are offered to students registered for ongoing support.

Circumstances might include:

  • chronic or permanent physical or mental health conditions
  • significant carer responsibilities
  • elite athletes or performers
  • Defence Reservists
  • emergency volunteers
  • official religious or cultural reasons.

What adjustments can we offer?

Adjustments are determined case-by-case for individual subjects. Possible adjustments include:

  • additional reading and/or writing time
  • rest breaks
  • completing examinations on a computer
  • organising a scribe to write for you
  • sitting your exam in a different venue or at a different time.

How to register

Please visit Student Equity and Disability Support to find out more about Special Consideration (ongoing support) and how to register. If ongoing support is appropriate for your needs, we encourage you to register with us by the census date for your subject. Registrations must be accompanied by all relevant and verified supporting documents (e.g. a letter from a health professional or an accredited elite organisation).

If you require Alternative Exam Arrangements for your end of semester exams, you will need to meet with a Student Equity Adviser and finalise your registration by 20 April 2018.

What’s next?

Once the exam timetable has been published for the relevant study period, you will be able to view your AEA exam timetable via my.unimelb. To view the AEAs, please check your timetable on a desktop computer.

If you have a question about your AEA, please contact Student Equity and Disability Support.