Graduations - Section contents

For many students, graduation is a highlight of your time at University. It is your chance to celebrate the completion of your studies, and is where you will be awarded your degree.

Graduation refers to the process of attending a conferring (graduation) ceremony or having a degree conferred or award granted in absentia (without you being present).

When will I know my Graduation date?

Bachelor or Master by Coursework students

There are three rounds of graduations per year. You will be allocated a ceremony based on your course completion date and type of course. In your final semester of study, you will be sent a provisional invitation to your student email and to your preferred mailing address via post as listed in my.unimelb.

Invitations issued Graduation Ceremony Round
Early October December
Late January March
Mid-May August

Master by Research students

There are three rounds of graduations per year. You will be allocated a ceremony and will receive information about your graduation shortly after you have completed your course, according to the invitation timetable above.

Doctoral Research students

You will receive information about your graduation options shortly after you have completed your course and will be asked to nominate a preferred ceremony.

Check the graduation schedule

Melbourne Business School students

For students completing an MBA or Master of Business Analytics, the Melbourne Business School coordinates graduation ceremonies for its cohort independently of the Graduations Office. Please contact the Melbourne Business School for more information.

How do I respond to my invitation to graduate?

You must respond to your offer to graduate through your my.unimelb account.

  1. Log into my.unimelb.
  2. Click on the 'Student admin' tab, followed by clicking on the 'Graduation' tab.
  3. Click on 'Respond to my graduation ceremony invitation'.
  4. Click on 'Update my Response'.
  5. Choose your response and then click 'Save'.

Are there deadlines for responding to my invitation?

Yes. The deadlines for responding will be outlined in your invitation. If you don't respond by the deadline, you will be assumed to be graduating in absentia. If this happens, your testamur will be sent to your preferred mailing address at the conclusion of the ceremony round. Once an Award is conferred, you are unable to attend a later conferring ceremony for that Award.

What are my options for attending?

In order to graduate, you have four options when responding to your invitation:


Selecting this option confirms that you wish to attend the graduation ceremony that you have been offered. Once you have indicated you wish to attend:

  1. You will receive an email confirming that you are scheduled to graduate, based on the satisfactory completion of your required coursework.
  2. Once results have been finalised for your final semester of study, and you have completed all course requirements, you will receive another email confirming that you are eligible to graduate.
  3. You will then be scheduled to attend your graduation ceremony in the following semester.

Graduation Day Guides

Not attend

Attending your graduation ceremony is not compulsory. This option means that you will not be attending, but would like to have your degree sent to you via post at the conclusion of the ceremony round. This is also known as graduating in absentia.


You may defer your graduation to the next ceremony, however you're only able to defer your graduation ceremony once. For example, if you are invited to a December ceremony, you can defer your graduation until August of the following year, but you will not be able to defer beyond this round.

Defer honours

You may delay graduating until you have completed your honours year. If you do, you will be sent another invitation to graduate towards the end of your honours year.

What's next?

Graduation is the first step to a range of options. You may go on to further study or go out into the workforce to pursue a career.

Whatever you choose to do after graduating, we encourage you to keep in touch and continue to use the career resources available on the Melbourne Careers Centre website.

Keeping in touch

If you have graduated from the University of Melbourne, then you are part of the University's alumni community. You are encouraged to keep in touch for continued support, career assistance and opportunities.