Step 2: Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) - Section contents

You will need your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to apply for your student visa. You will automatically receive your CoE once the University has verified your International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement.

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Confirmation of Enrolment

The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is an official document issued to international students by universities in Australia. It confirms that you have accepted a place in a course and have paid your tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover premium (OSHC). If you submit your CoE with your visa application you will be asked for less supporting documentation and will receive your visa faster.

When will I receive my CoE?

After you have submitted your International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement, you will be emailed your CoE within 10 working days. It will be sent to the email address you’ve listed in the agreement. If you haven't received your CoE after this time, please contact the University.

What can I do while I'm waiting for my CoE?

  • Start planning your course. Course planning takes a lot of time and thought as you consider your study options. Make a start now.
  • Check the Handbook. This is the definitive source of subject information. Explore all the subjects you might be interested in taking.
  • Read the International Student Briefing. This is a requirement of studying in Australia. You're encouraged to take the time to read the information before classes start.