Discover your career options

Deciding what you’ll do after university requires planning, preparation, and an understanding of how your degree can guide your career options.

Your degree is an important launching point for your career. Understanding the opportunities available to you while you study can help frame your steps for the future.

  • Undergraduates

    As a University of Melbourne undergraduate student, you are part of a curriculum model specifically designed to enable you to pursue a huge range of graduate courses that will increase your employability.

    If you choose to pursue further study, a graduate program can be an opportunity to head in a new career direction and gain skills that better align with your interests.

    Depending on your degree, the following pathways are available when you complete your course:

    1. Coursework masters
    2. Graduate research via honours
    3. Employment
  • Graduate coursework

    Many graduate courses provide you with technical skills that lead to accreditation in a specific profession (e.g. Master of Veterinary Science or Master of Engineering). Others may lead to a broader range of roles (e.g. Master of Art or Master of Environment).

    Whichever you choose, there will be a variety of career paths and employment settings to consider, so take the time to research and reflect on your options.

    Getting involved within your industry can improve your employability and give you a taste of what a career might look like. This might include undertaking internships, targeted part-time work or volunteering, or joining a relevant professional association.

  • Graduate research degree

    If you're undertaking a graduate research degree, you may find opportunities in both academia and industry.

    Graduate researchers are encouraged to consider and explore career possibilities as you progress through your candidature. Devoting some time to developing a strong professional network, seeking mentoring opportunities and building an understanding of careers will allow you to be well positioned at the completion of your research.

    There are a range of events, information and resources available at the University of Melbourne to support you:

  • Careers in academia

    Most academics are involved in both research and teaching in higher education and may have strong links with industry sectors. Some academics work solely in research, while a small percentage may be in teaching-only positions.

    Students considering an academic career are advised to discuss preparation with their supervisor and others in their field and faculty.

    It’s critical to connect with others in your field and to build relationships to share your work, aspirations, and specialisation.

  • Careers in industry

    There's a lot of information available to help you navigate the Australian and international job market. It's important to remember that the market is always changing, and a vital aspect of your professional development is knowing how and when to adapt.

    Depending on your industry or your area of interest, the job market may be competitive and you’ll need to plan ahead to refine your job-seeking strategy. It’s important to be prepared and to manage your expectations.

    The following sites offer additional information on the Australian job market and industry trends.

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