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Want to improve your resume and your online professional profile? Get AI-driven, instant feedback to improve your application and increase your chances of success.

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Do you have a resume you want feedback on? SMART Resume offers instant and targeted suggestions on how to improve your resume. Access secure 24/7 real-time guidance on your resume now.

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How to use SMART Resume

SMART Resume will give you a score for your resume and advise if you are in the red, yellow or green zone. If you receive a score of red or yellow, you may want to edit your resume and have it rescored.

You have up to 10 uploads (and re-scores within SMART Editor) per year, with uploads resetting in March. It is strongly recommended that you action all feedback before re-uploading, so as not to churn through uploads and hit your limit too early.

Follow the steps below.

Infographic describing 8 steps. 1 Login to smart resume. 2 Upload resume. 3 Use smart editor to make changes. 4 Update resume based on feedback and have it rescored. 6 Not in the green zone yet? Get feedback at the careers studio. 7 Update resume based on feedback and have it rescored. 8 Made it to the green zone! Meet with a careers adviser.

Haven’t made it to the green zone? We’re here to help

Career workshops run regularly throughout semester. Join an application workshop for tips on improving your resume, and to learn from other students and career advisers.

For support with job searching, resumes, applications, interviews, internships, graduate roles, improving your skills and more, join a Careers and Employability workshop.

Information consent

You will need to agree to a consent statement when you first log into SMART Resume. See the privacy information in the information consent document.

Not ready to upload a resume yet?

If you are unsure what to include in your resume, complete the Building a Professional Resume module on the LMS takes you through a step-by-step guide on creating and tailoring your resume. Join the LMS first to access this module.

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