Concurrent diploma students

Now that you’ve received your offer letter for a concurrent diploma, follow the steps below to accept your offer and complete your enrolment online.

1. Accept your offer

To accept your offer and complete your administrative enrolment, you will need:

Please note: It is not possible to defer commencement of your Diploma, or apply for Leave of Absence in the first semester. If you cannot commence your Diploma, you must re-apply and go through the application process again.

Accept your offer

2. Enrol in your subjects online

Log in to my.unimelb to enrol in your concurrent diploma subjects using the Study Plan.

Enrol in your subjects

Your subjects should automatically appear in your Study Plan. Once you have completed the administrative enrolment, you can go ahead and enrol into your subjects.

If you change your mind about your subject choices, that’s okay. You will be able to make changes before your subjects’ census dates via your my.unimelb account.

Once you have enrolled, you will be able to create your class timetable at the appropriate time. Please see our class timetable page for details.

Check the census dates for each subject

The subject census date is the date by which you can make changes to subjects without remaining liable to pay for them. Census dates are different for each subject.

After you’ve enrolled in your subjects, check your subject census dates and payment due dates via your Statement of Liability, which can be accessed through your my.unimelb account.

If you want to withdraw from a subject, you must withdraw by the census date. If you withdraw after the census date you will still be required to pay for the subject.

You can also review census dates by checking the subject entry in the Handbook.

3. Cross-credit any completed subjects

Once you have successfully completed a subject that can be cross-credited to your course, it's your responsibility to request that this be done via an Enrolment Variation Form. To impact HECS exemption eligibility, it must be submitted by the last date to self-enrol in the following semester.

Previously completed subjects marked to be cross-credited on the study plan submitted with the diploma application will already be processed and will be seen on either courses study plan.

Need help enrolling?

Submit an online enquiry to Stop 1 and we'll get back to you within 3–7 business days.

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