Step 3: Submit your visa application

Once you've received your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), you will need to apply for an Australian student visa. Your visa is necessary to study in Australia as an international student.

Study Abroad and Exchange students must apply for a Non Award Sector visa (subclass 500) student visa.

The University recommends that you visit the Department of Home Affairs website for comprehensive information about applying for your student visa. There are different requirements for students from different countries and it is important that you have the most current information.

If you apply for your visa online, you will receive an email confirmation when your visa has been granted. You should keep a copy of this email for when you complete your administrative enrolment online. Your enrolment will be delayed if you cannot provide confirmation that your visa has been granted.

I have submitted my visa application. What's next?

Step 4: Set up your student account