Step 10: Attend SAEX Welcome Day

Study Abroad and Exchange Welcome Day introduces you to the range of student services available, including administration support, enrolment assistance, skills development, housing, finance advice, and disability services.

Welcome Day is compulsory for commencing study abroad and exchange students who are studying for a semester or more at the University of Melbourne. Please note it is not intended for full-degree international students or graduate researchers.

You must bring your passport to Welcome Day. It may also be helpful to bring a wi-fi enabled device.

Where do I go?

Prior to Welcome Day, you will be emailed a program with the date, as well as a time and place for registration. You can also find this information on the Important Dates page.

On the day, you'll need to register and present your passport. You will then be advised of the welcome venue.

There's a BBQ for all students at lunchtime, followed in the afternoon by optional sessions on enrolling in your subjects, housing, and making the most of your studies in Melbourne.

Late arrivals

You should arrive in Melbourne before the Welcome Day. If you can't, you must request approval to arrive late, advising us of your intended arrival date and reason for late arrival.

Late arrivals are only approved in extenuating circumstances. If you cannot arrive before semester starts, you may be asked to defer your study.

If you are running late on Welcome Day, please refer to the event program for information on the location of activities where you can make contact with a staff member who will be able to assist you.

Early arrivals

If you arrive before Welcome Day, you don't need to inform us of your early arrival. Official registration will take place on Welcome Day, and early registration is not available.

If you arrive early and require assistance, please email us or drop in to Stop 1.

I have attended the Welcome Day. What's next?

Step 11: Plan your Melbourne Orientation itinerary