Step 10: Enrol in your subjects

Once you have decided on which subjects you would like to take, you will need to enrol in them online.

Enrolling in a subject means you are officially registered to study and be assessed for a particular subject, where you are liable for its tuition fees.

Enrol in your subjects online

You can enrol in subjects using the Study Plan, a tool that you will use throughout your degree to plan, enrol, and change your subjects. It reflects the structure of your course and includes your major, minor, specialisation, and subject options.

As a new student you can only enrol for the first calendar year of your course. This is because enrolment for every year opens in November the year before. For example:

  • If you start your course at the start of 2021, you should enrol for all of your subjects in 2021.
  • If you start in Semester 2, 2021, you can only enrol in subjects in the second half of 2021.

For more information on how to use the Study Plan and enrol, visit enrolling in subjects.

Enrol in your subjects

Subject prerequisites

Some subjects may have prerequisites, which may prevent you from enrolling in them. This means that they have a ‘prior study’ condition attached to them. For each subject that you plan to take, check that you have already met (or you are on track to meeting) its prerequisites so that you can enrol in them.

Subject delivery modes

The delivery mode refers to how the subject will be taught: campus-based (in person), dual-delivery (blended for onshore students and purely online for offshore students) or online. You can find the delivery mode for your subjects in the subject listing of the Handbook which is the source of truth for your course and subject information. Find out more about subject delivery modes.

In Second Half Year 2021 (Winter Term and Semester 2), the majority of subjects will be offered in dual-delivery mode, so that we can welcome more students back to campus while continuing to offer online options for our students who are not yet able to attend in-person.

Check the census dates for each subject

When you enrol in subjects, it’s important to know the census dates for all of your subjects. The subject census date is the date by which you can make changes to subjects without remaining liable to pay for them.

After you’ve enrolled in your subjects, check your subject census dates and payment due dates via your Statement of Liability, which can be accessed through your my.unimelb account. You can also review census dates by checking the subject entry in the Handbook.

If you want to withdraw from a subject, you should withdraw by the census date. If you withdraw after the census date you will still be required to pay for the subject.

I've enrolled in my subjects. What's next?

Step 11: Check your fees and due dates