Melbourne Plus

Discover activities that develop your networks, skills and interests and be recognised for your participation with digital credentials.

What is Melbourne Plus?

Melbourne Plus is the University’s flagship co-curricular recognition program. It supports your participation in activities that develop your capabilities and recognises you with a digital credential you can share with your network.

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Each activity develops your capability in one of the following four categories: People Leadership, Community Engagement, Sustainability Advocacy or Innovation. 
Read more about each capability.

How does it work?

To participate in Melbourne Plus and develop your capabilities, follow the five steps below:



You can find eligible activities in the Melbourne Plus Catalogue. Each activity you undertake will be aligned to a corresponding capability.



Once you’ve found the activity you want to do, join up and participate! During the activity, consider how you are growing your chosen capability.



Once you’ve successfully completed the activity, you’ll be asked to reflect on how you developed the capability. This is your key to Melbourne Plus recognition!



Congratulations – you've participated in a co-curricular activity, developed your capability, and submitted your reflection. You've just earned your Melbourne Plus digital credential!



Don’t keep success all to yourself! Share your digital credential through your favourite social media to show off your new capability. You can share on a range of platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

University of Melbourne staff

If you are providing a co-curricular activity to students, find out how to join Melbourne Plus and support your students' capability development via the Melbourne Plus staff page (login required).

Melbourne Plus on the Staff Hub

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about Melbourne Plus not covered below, you can also submit a Melbourne Plus enquiry form.

  • When can I start an activity?

    It all depends on the activity! Melbourne Plus spans a broad range of activities that start and finish at different times of the year. Explore availability of activities by browsing the Catalogue.

  • I’ve completed an activity but haven’t heard anything about my LMS Community. What happens next?

    The activity organiser will ensure you are invited to your Melbourne Plus LMS Community. If you haven’t received your invitation within two weeks of completing your activity, you can submit an enquiry via the Melbourne Plus enquiry form.

  • How many Melbourne Plus digital credentials can I receive?

    You can receive up to four credentials, one for each capability, and you can participate in as many activities as you like. Each credential is designed to recognise the broad and complementary skills you develop through each activity.

  • Can I get recognition for paid or voluntary activities?

    Both! You can be recognised for paid or unpaid activities, across Australia or internationally.

  • Can I get recognition for a student club role?

    Yes, absolutely! If you believe you have developed one of the four Melbourne Plus capabilities in a student club role, reach out to your club committee and ask them to submit the Student-led Activity form. Once your club is added to Melbourne Plus, your committee will ensure you are invited to an LMS Community to submit your reflection and receive your digital credential.

  • Can I get recognition for an activity that was organised outside the University?

    You may be able to! You can submit the External Activity form to Melbourne Plus if:

    • You were a University of Melbourne student throughout your time in the role
    • You contributed more than 10 hours to the role
    • You developed one of the four Melbourne Plus capabilities
    • You can provide documents to verify the role
  • I’ve completed an activity that was led by University staff but it’s not in the Catalogue. Can I still get recognition?

    You may be able to! Ask the staff member who organised the activity to find out more about Melbourne Plus on this website.