Melbourne Plus

As a University of Melbourne student, you have access to a world of opportunities that will connect you with new people and communities.

Melbourne Plus supports your participation in activities that develop your capabilities and recognises this participation with a digital credential you can share with your network.

Discover your next activity in the Melbourne Plus Catalogue:

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These activities can strengthen your interests, skills and networks, and will help you to experience new communities, make new friends and have fun. Each activity will help you develop your capability in one of the following four categories: People Leadership, Community Engagement, Sustainability Advocacy or Innovation. Find out more about each capability.

How do I participate in Melbourne Plus?

To participate in Melbourne Plus and develop your capabilities, follow the five steps below:



You can find eligible activities in the Melbourne Plus Catalogue. Each activity you undertake will be aligned to a corresponding capability.



Once you’ve found the activity you want to do, join up and participate! During the activity, consider how you are growing your chosen capability.



Once you’ve successfully completed the activity, you’ll be asked to reflect on how you developed the capability. This is your key to Melbourne Plus recognition!



Congratulations – you've participated in a co-curricular activity, developed your capability, and submitted your reflection. You've just earned your Melbourne Plus digital credential!



Don’t keep success all to yourself! Share your digital credential through your favourite social media to show off your new capability. You can share on a range of platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

Now that you've earned your digital credential, consider which capability you'd like to develop next.

What activities can I join?

The Catalogue is your go-to place for finding eligible activities that interest you. Search here or, if you're currently taking part in a co-curricular activity, ask your activity administrator/contact if the activity is eligible.

Find out more about some of the activities on offer as part of Melbourne Plus.

University of Melbourne Staff

If you are providing a co-curricular activity to students, find out how to join Melbourne Plus and support your students' capability development via the Melbourne Plus staff page (login required).

Melbourne Plus on the Staff Hub

Frequently asked questions

Find answers below to some frequently asked questions about participating in Melbourne Plus. If you have a question about Melbourne Plus, or would like to know more about the program, you can also submit an enquiry to Stop 1.

  • What is a capability?

    More than just an isolated skill, a capability is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Once a capability has been developed, it may be applied in multiple contexts.

  • Can I complete multiple activities and/or capabilities?

    Yes, absolutely! You can work towards developing one, some, or all four of the program’s capabilities. Just remember, each activity will only be aligned to a single capability.

  • When can I start an activity in Melbourne Plus?

    Melbourne Plus is available to all students across a broad range of activities from Semester 2, 2022. Use the Catalogue to discover more information and details about each eligible activity – including details on how to apply.

  • How do I share my Melbourne Plus digital credential?

    As soon as you have your digital credential you can post it directly to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feed. You can also link it to your CV or to your LinkedIn profile as a certification via a URL, which provides verification that you have developed your capability through the University of Melbourne.

  • Can I still participate in the Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA)?

    The Leaders in Communities Award closed on 20 June 2022. If you started an activity with LiCA and would like to complete it under Melbourne Plus, check with the Catalogue or your activity administrator to see if it is eligible.

  • Can I get recognition for an activity I have already started, or completed?

    Yes! If your activity is already part of Melbourne Plus, watch out for an email from your activity provider. If you haven’t heard from your activity provider about Melbourne Plus, make sure you ask them about it! Your activity may be eligible for recognition.