Melbourne Plus

As a University of Melbourne student, you have access to a world of opportunities that will connect you with new people and communities.

From 2022, Melbourne Plus will recognise your participation in activities that develop your capabilities in leadership, community engagement, sustainability and innovation.

Not only can these activities strengthen your interests, skills and networks, they can help you to experience new communities, make new friends and have fun. As the program grows, so too will the opportunities. We can’t wait to share these with you – so stay tuned!

Melbourne Plus supports your participation in activities that develop your capabilities and recognises this participation with a digital credential that you can share with your networks. Find out more about each of the four capabilities you can develop through Melbourne Plus.

  • People leadership

    You will be able to lead and build relationships with others, motivate them to do their best, and make sure they feel supported.

    You could learn to be a capable people leader by becoming a Melbourne Peer Mentor.

  • Community Engagement

    You will be able to work collaboratively in a team, manage events and projects, and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

    You could experience community engagement by becoming a Peer Health Advocate.

  • Sustainability Advocacy

    You will be able to apply your interests in social and environmental justice to develop ways in which you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

    You could build your sustainability advocacy by becoming a Green Impact Project Assistant.

  • Innovation

    You will be able to identify problems and think creatively to design new and unique solutions.

    You could develop your innovative thinking by completing a Practera Consulting Project.

How do I participate in Melbourne Plus?

  • 1. Complete an activity

    An activity could be an event, course or program that helps you develop your personal attributes and strengths while having fun. Each activity you undertake will be aligned to a corresponding capability – a series of skills, knowledge and behaviours that you will be able to demonstrate upon completing an activity.

  • 2. Reflect on your development

    On completion of an activity, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on your development in relation to the activity’s corresponding capability and receive recognition from the University.

  • 3. Be recognised!

    The capabilities you achieve will be recognised by the University with a digital credential. You will then be able to share this across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn.

What activities can I join?

Find out more about some of the activities on offer as part of Melbourne Plus.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a capability?

    More than just an isolated skill, a capability is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Once a capability has been developed, it may be applied in multiple contexts.

  • Can I complete multiple activities and/or capabilities?

    Yes, absolutely! Before you jump in and apply for multiple activities, we recommend you participate in one or two. This will ensure you can successfully balance your studies and other commitments alongside your participation in Melbourne Plus activities.

    You can work towards developing one, some, or all four of the program’s capabilities. Just remember, each activity will only be aligned to a single capability.

    For example, if you successfully participate in the 3-week Practera Consulting Project, you will be eligible to receive a digital credential for Innovation. You could then decide to participate in a different activity and work towards developing another of the four Melbourne Plus capabilities.

  • When can I start an activity in Melbourne Plus?

    Melbourne Plus is currently being run with a closed cohort of selected activities. The program will be available to all students across a broad range of activities from Semester 2, 2022. We are excited to share more with you closer to this date, so please stay tuned!

  • How do I share my Melbourne Plus digital credential?

    After you complete an activity and submit a self-reflection on your development, you will receive a digital credential along with instructions on how to access and share it across multiple platforms, such as LinkedIn.

  • Can I still participate in the Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA)?

    The Leaders in Communities Award is no longer accepting new registrations and the program will close on 20 June 2022. If you are currently registered with LiCA, you are encouraged to complete all steps by this date to receive your award. Find more information about completing LiCA on the LiCA webpage.

    If you’re not sure you’ll be able to complete your LiCA in time, don’t worry! You may be eligible to get a digital credential in recognition of your co-curricular participation through Melbourne Plus.

    If you are a LiCA student and you would like to check your eligibility for Melbourne Plus, please submit this brief survey and a team member will be in touch: Check my Melbourne Plus eligibility.

  • Can I get recognition for an activity I have already started, or completed?

    Yes! Once the program is launched, there will be a process for you to apply retrospectively to get recognition for the time you have spent developing your capabilities, provided the activity meets the requirements of Melbourne Plus. Further information will be available later in the year.