Welcome to the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program

The Melbourne Peer Mentor Program is designed to support you as you enter the University of Melbourne community as a new student. As part of the program, you will meet new friends, build personal connections, get insider insights, and learn how to connect with the rich array of opportunities, activities and services available through your first year and beyond.

What are the benefits of the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program?

Having a peer mentor and group will help you get the most out of your first year, as you will:

  • Meet fellow students and build on your university experiences together.
  • Learn valuable insights from your peer mentor about studying and getting involved at the University.
  • Share fun and memorable experiences with your group members.
  • Build friendships with your cohort and share your experiences as you start your university journey together.
  • Learn new skills to complement your academic studies.

Meet some of our peer mentors!

Click a picture to find out a little more about one of our many peer mentors.

Comfort, Bachelor of Arts
Kerry, Bachelor of Arts
Chhaikheang, Bachelor of Science
Photo of Paarangat
Paarangat, Bachelor of Science