Welcome to the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program

Welcome to the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program

The Melbourne Peer Mentor Program (MPMP) is a key part of your University of Melbourne experience and designed to support you as you enter the community as a new undergraduate student. As part of the program, you will build personal connections, get helpful insights, and learn how to connect with the rich array of opportunities, activities and services available through your first year and beyond.

As a first-year student, you are automatically part of the program. Once you’ve submitted your preferences and been matched with your group, all you need to do is turn up and start having fun!

If you’re in second year or above, you can apply to be a Melbourne Peer Mentor to help new students transition and enjoy their first semester.

What are the benefits of the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program?

Having a peer mentor and group will help you get the most out of your first year, as you will:

  • Meet other students, have fun and build friendships as you start your university journey
  • Gain valuable insights  about student life and learning at university
  • Develop new skills and discover activities to complement your academic studies.