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  • How do I apply for Special Consideration?

    If your ability to undertake an assessment is affected by personal circumstances, you may be eligible for Special Consideration. All requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis for circumstances that:

    • Have an expected duration of less than six weeks, and
    • Adversely impacts your ability to undertake, prepare for, and/or complete an assessment task.

    How to apply:

    1. Gather your supporting documentation.  
    2. Apply online within 4 business days of the assessment due date or exam date.

    If you apply after 4 business days, you must explain why you weren’t able to apply by the deadline and provide additional supporting documentation.

    You should receive your outcome within 5 business days after your application and supporting documentation is received. Please contact Stop 1 if you haven't received an outcome after this time.

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  • How do I register for Ongoing Support?

    If your studies are affected by ongoing circumstances such as a disability, mental health condition or ongoing commitment, you may be eligible for Ongoing Support.

    How to register:

    1. Check the eligibility requirements.
    2. Gather your supporting documentation.  
    3. Confirm the deadline to register by for suitable alternative arrangements to be organised in time.
    4. Register online.

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  • Can I apply for Special Consideration due to COVID-19?

    If you contract COVID-19 and the impacts of the illness or isolation affect your ability to undertake, prepare for, and/or complete an assessment task, you can apply for an extension or Special Consideration.

    To apply for an extension, follow the instructions on the Applying for an extension website, as processes vary between faculties.

    To apply for Special Consideration, you must provide supporting documentation to confirm one of the following:

    • you're awaiting a COVID-19 test result
    • you've tested positive for COVID-19
    • you're required to isolate as a close contact.

    For information about COVID-19 supporting documentation, please see the Special Consideration website.

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  • Can my Special Consideration outcome be reviewed?

    If you've been deemed ineligible for Special Consideration or wish to request a different result, you may be eligible for a review. To request a review:

    1. Log into my.unimelb and select 'Apply for Special Consideration'.
    2. Click 'View' to access your application and select 'Review' to request a review of the outcome.
    3. Clearly explain the reasons you’re seeking a review.  
    4. Attach and upload supporting evidence (if applicable).  
    5. Submit.  

    You must submit your review request within 5 business days of receiving your Special Consideration outcome notification.

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  • When will I receive my Special Consideration outcome?

    Once you’ve submitted your application with supporting documentation, please continue to regularly check your student email for an update.

    Most applicants will be advised of their outcome within 5 business days of the date the application and supporting documentation is received. There may be delays during peak periods.

    For applications which relate to a final assessment, your outcome will be received on or within 5 business days of the release of final subject results.

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  • How do I apply for an extension on my assignment?

    If circumstances have affected your ability to complete an assessment task on time, you may be eligible for an assignment extension of up to 10 business days. You must apply before your assessment due date.

    How to apply:

    1. Contact your subject coordinator to discuss if an extension is appropriate for your circumstances.

    2. Check the helpful tables on the Applying for an extension website to confirm how to apply, as the process varies from faculty to faculty.

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  • Do I need to sit my special exam?

    If you’re offered a special exam, you don’t have to accept it if you’re happy with your final result. If you don’t plan to sit your special exam, you must submit the Special Exam Decline form. Please also make sure you do not open the exam as this will be marked as an attempt and your result for the special exam will supersede your original attempt.

    Please note if this is your final semester, there are deadlines that apply for declining a special exam. Please see this page for more information.

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  • What if I experience technical issues during my online exam?

    If you experience technical issues and failures during an online exam or test:

    1. Call the Stop 1 Exams line.

    • Inside Australia: 13 6352
    • Outside Australia: +61 3 9035 5511  
      (Select Option 1 for current students then select Option 1 again for exam enquiries)

    2. Visit the Exams technical support website for troubleshooting support and guides for your exam type.

    3. Collect evidence of the issues you experienced (e.g., screenshots, videos/photos of failing devices).

    4. Make every attempt to complete your exam or test within your allocated time period.

    5. If you experience a major technical disruption, you can apply for Special Consideration (Technical) within 4 business days of the assessment.

    If you're unable to submit your exam, please email your exam to your subject coordinator and explain your technical issues.

    Please refer to the Special Consideration (technical) website for further information about eligibility requirements and supporting documentation to collect during your exam.

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  • What supporting documents do I need for my Special Consideration application?

    All applications for Special Consideration require supporting documentation to verify your circumstances, which is used to assess your application.

    All documentation must clearly outline the:

    • Date of your medical or health practitioner appointment/consultation
    • Impact of the circumstance on your ability to prepare for, or complete, or attempt the specific assessment task
    • Dates or duration of your circumstance.

    Supporting documentation can differ depending on the reason you’re applying for Special Consideration. Please refer to the Special Consideration website for information on the recommended documentation you can provide. Information for international students is available here.

    If you can't obtain supporting documentation within 4 days of your assessment due date, please submit your application and specify when documentation can be provided. Your application status will then be listed as ‘awaiting documents’. Once you've collected your supporting documentation, you can upload it directly to your application.

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