Special consideration

If you experience circumstances which significantly affect your ability to meet your academic requirements, you can apply for special consideration. There are two types available, and it’s important to understand which is right for you.

Advice for students affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)

We acknowledge that studying remotely and the impacts of COVID-19 may significantly affect your health, wellbeing and academic progress. Students who wish to apply for special consideration to seek an adjustment may do so accordingly. It is important to note that the transition to a virtual campus will not be considered as grounds for special consideration in most instances. All applications will be assessed individually, based on the documentation and evidence provided. Options for supporting documentation have also been updated to provide more flexibility for students. Find out more.

In unexpected circumstances


You can apply for special consideration due to unexpected circumstances if the circumstances you're experiencing and their expected duration of impact on your studies will be less than six weeks.


Circumstances which may be eligible include sudden illness, bereavement, trauma or hardship.

When to apply

As early as possible, and no longer than four working days after your examination or assessment due date.


Possible outcomes include an extension or resubmission of an assessment.

More about unexpected circumstances 

For ongoing support


You can register for ongoing support if your circumstances and their expected duration of impact on your studies will be six weeks or more.


Circumstances which may be eligible include an ongoing disability, mental health condition or commitment (such as being a carer).

When to register

You can register any time, but we recommend doing so when you enrol in your course.


Possible outcomes include assistance from an academic support worker, assistive technology, or flexible attendance requirements.

More about ongoing support