COVID-19 and your fees

Find out how COVID-19 may affect your studies.

Last updated: 04.18pm, 24 November 2020

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are not changing. The University has implemented a large-scale exercise to transfer teaching, learning, assessment and student support into formats that can be accessed effectively at a distance. We are doing this in a way that maximises the opportunities for you to study effectively and successfully, and to graduate on time, while maintaining the vitally important quality and standards of our degrees. Our staff have adapted teaching materials, student services and library services to online channels. We are maintaining connectivity and community between students, and with your academic staff.

In short, we are maintaining the high standards of our curriculum and continuing to provide a top-quality education commensurate with a University of Melbourne degree.

Tuition fees in 2021

Tuition fees for 2021 will remain the same as 2020 tuition fees. Updated subject fee schedules have now been published online.

You will receive formal notification of individual subject fees for 2021 when you receive your Statement of Liability following enrolment in 2021 subjects.

Tuition fee due dates

Semester 2, 2020 tuition fee due dates have been adjusted to realign with the new academic calendar dates and census dates for Semester 2, 2020 subjects.

Please check your Statement of Liability for your subject tuition fee due dates.

What happens if you withdraw from paid subjects

Visit our subject withdrawal advice for detailed information on withdrawing from subjects you have already paid for.


SSAF funded services and programs now offered online

Most Student Service and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funded services and programs are offered online, with the exception of a limited number of on-campus events such as BBQs. We’re committed to supporting you while at home, and we’ll continue to deliver quality services and programs for you.

UMSU and GSA are also working with students on opportunities to deliver activities remotely.

SSAF funded services being delivered virtually during COVID-19 include:

  • An Emergency Food Voucher support of $20 for students identified as most in need of immediate and urgent assistance by Stop 1 staff during student appointments
  • Some Scholarly and Student Services, programs and student outreach including Student Connect, careers and employability advice, wellbeing support services and the Students@Work program
  • A GSA-led free call hotline for graduate students, 1800-GSA-HELP
  • GSA led life skills support and advice to assist graduate students through COVID-19, including recipes, tips for undertaking group work, advice on managing relationships with parents and partners and advice for managing conflict in shared households
  • UMSU advocacy and legal services support
  • UMSU initiatives including mentorship programs, how to guides, tech videos, and Zoom events
  • UMSU clubs and societies programs and activities including the development of further opportunities to engage with students
  • MU Sport online exercise programs and advice for the University community to stay active
  • MU Sport services for students supported under the Elite Athlete Program