Faiths and places of worship

Find local representatives of faith communities, places of worship and on-campus facilities for matters of faith.

Discover the different faiths and student groups near your campus. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact the Chaplaincy Team and we will happily provide you with more information.

  • Anglican


    Rev Sam Oldland

    Telephone: 0431 292 097

    Places of worship

    St Jude's Anglican Church                       

    Location: 2 Keppel St, Carlton, VIC 3053
    Time: Sundays at 10 am and 6 pm (Student service)

    Trinity College Chapel

    Location: Royal Parade, Parkville
    Time: Service: Sunday  6pm during the semester, morning prayer: Mon–Fri 9am and choral eucharist: Wed 5.30pm
    Telephone: 9348 7495

  • Assemblies of God

    Places of worship

    Richmond Assembly of God

    Location: 10 Griffths Street, Richmond
    Time: Sunday 10am & 6pm
    Telephone: 8420 0900

  • Buddhism

    Places of worship


  • Catholic


    Fr. Nicholas Pearce

    Telephone: 0402 850 556


    Sr. Delma Lamb

    Telephone: 8344 4825, mob: 0413 607 438

    Places of Worship

    Mass on campus

    Location: St Mary’s College Chapel - 871 Swanston Street, Parkville
    Time: Every week on Tuesday to Thursday at 1.15pm


    Location: 123 Royal Parade, Parkville
    Time: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 10am (family mass) & 5pm (student mass)
    Telephone: 9347 2493 / 8344 4825

    Newman College

    Location: 887 Swanston Street, Parkville
    Time: Mon–Fri 8am, 12pm (semester times) in the Lady Chapel, Sun 11am & 7pm in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit
    Telephone: 9347 5577

    St. Francis Church

    Location: Corner of Lonsdale & Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne
    Time: Sat. 6pm, Sun. 7am, 8am, 9:30am & 11am, & 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 4.30pm, & 6pm. 
    Telephone: 9663 2495

  • Christian Union

    Christian Union (CU) is a large, inter-denominational student group dedicated to knowing and obeying Jesus Christ and making him known. CU is for Christians who want to grow in the way they understand and live out their faith in Jesus; and for people who aren't Christian believers who want to check out Jesus' claims without being hassled or pressured.

    Regular public meetings

    Location: Latham Theatre, Redmond Barry Building
    Time: Tuesdays 1pm

  • Hindu

    Hindu Society of Victoria

    Location: 52 Boundary Road, Carrum Downs
    Telephone: 9782 0878

  • International Student Chaplain

    The Chaplain works with the International Student Services to welcome and support students of all faiths. Delma is a Catholic sister who also works with Catholics of One Spirit Down Under (COSDU) and the Catholic Society (CathSoc).

    Sr. Delma Lamb

    Telephone: 8344 4825, 0413 607 438

  • Islam

    Prayer Space

    The Islamic Prayer Space (Musallah) is on the corner of Pelham and Leicester Street.

    The entrance to the brothers and sister Prayer Space is via Little Pelham St. It is a 10 minute walk from the Parkville Campus Student Union building. To access the Musallah, staff and students will need to swipe their staff/student access cards at the door. All five of the daily prayers and the Taraweeh prayers during Ramadhan are conducted here.

    If you had access to the Musallah before the pandemic you do not need to fill out a new form to attend the Prayer space from the 12 March 2021. For staff and students who did not have access previously please fill out the form and your card will be working shortly after being submitted.

    Friday Prayers (Jummah Prayer)

    Friday prayers are held weekly in the Islamic Prayer Space.

    During semesters there are two sessions for Friday Prayers as follows:

    • Normal Hours - 12:30-1pm and 1:30-2pm (approximately April - Oct)
    • Daylight Savings Hours - 1:30-2pm and 2:30-3pm (approximately Oct-April)

    Outside of semesters there is only one session for Friday Prayers as follows:

    • 12:30-1pm - Winter Holidays
    • 1:30-2pm - Summer Holidays

    Adherence to COVIDSafe Guidelines at the Musallah

    The Musallah’s opening has been arranged in line with DHHS COVIDSafe requirements. Please note the following when using the space.

    *Masks are encouraged to be worn indoors when in the Musallah*

    1. Worshippers must not be sick or show signs of COVID-19 symptoms. This includes if you are awaiting on COVID-19 test results, been asked to quarantine or self-isolate or a close contact of a COVID-19 case.
    2. All users granted access need to swipe in.
    3. Only staff and students who have registered for access can use the space. Please do not bring visitors who are either not registered for swipe access or are not a staff or student of the University.
    4. All users of the space need to bring their own Prayer Mats – none are currently available at the Musallah.
    5. Socks need to be worn in the Prayer Space. No bare feet please.
    6. Apart from during Ramadan at the breaking of the fast, please do not eat or drink in the Musallah.
    7. Please do not remove the air conditioning remote controls. The air-conditioners have been pre-set so the rooms are comfortable.
    8. The Musallah will be cleaned on a nightly basis between 1am – 4:30am. During these times the Musallah will not be available to staff and students. If there is anyone there at the time they will be required to leave for cleaning to be undertaken.

    The University of Melbourne Islamic Society can be contacted regarding membership or other support for Islamic students.
    There are emailing list subscription for students wanting information about Islam and UMIS events on and around campus. See:

    Address: Mail Box No. 93, First Floor, Student Union' Club & Societies Office, Union House.'

  • Judaism


    Rabbi Mendy Ajzenszmidt

    Telephone: 0405766241

    Student Group

    Address: Jewish Students Society Mail Box No. 44, First Floor, Student Union' Club & Societies Office, Union House.

    Places of worship

    East Melbourne Synagogue

    Location: 488 Albert St, East Melbourne
    Time: Friday Evenings Winter: 6.30pm, Friday Evenings Summer: 7.00pm Shabbat: 10am
    Telephone: 9662 1372 (Office)


    Location: 1 Abeckett St, St Kilda East, 3183
    Time: Friday Evenings Winter: 6.30pm, Friday Evenings Summer: 7.00pm Shabbat: 10am
    Telephone: 0405766241

  • Uniting


    Rev Dr Morag Logan

    Telephone: 0432 700 669

    Places of worship

    Church of All Nations

    Location: 180 Palmerston Street, Carlton
    Time: Sunday at 10am
    Telephone: 9347 7077

    Mark the Evangelist

    Location: 51 Curzon Street, North Melbourne
    Time: Sunday at 10am
    Telephone: 9326 8245 (office)

    Wesley Uniting Church

    Location: 148, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
    Time: Sunday 9.15am Chinese with English Translation. 
    11.00am English: Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sun of each month.
    7.00pm English: Holy Communion 2nd and 4th Sun of each month.
    Telephone: 9663 2935

    Brunswick Uniting Church

    Location: 214 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
    Time: Services: Sunday 9.30am
    Telephone: 9380 4810


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