Faith and spirituality

Find out about the services and facilities offered by the University's Chaplaincy team, or get in touch with local faith communities and places of worship.

What is a chaplain?

Chaplaincy is one way that religious groups connect with and serve the University community. Each Chaplain is appointed with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, and is dedicated to working in a context of respect for all religions and expressions of faith. Chaplains are not employed by the University, but by the faith group to whom they are accountable.

How could a chaplain help you?

Students and staff from all faiths – or no faith – are welcome to make contact with a chaplain to discuss matters of faith and spirituality, or to find out more about their faith tradition.

A chaplain could help you find:

  • Spaces for discussions on faith and meaning
  • Support groups for grief and loss
  • Student groups you can join
  • Nearby places of worship

Anything that you discuss with a chaplain is confidential, and they will not pass on information about you without your consent. The only exception is if they are concerned that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, or where required by law. If a chaplain is unable to help you, they will refer you to someone better equipped to support you with your issue.