Food relief

Food relief programs

The University is now offering food relief to students experiencing food insecurity. The four programs are:

  • Program 1 – SecondBite Frozen Meals (Parkville Campus)
  • Program 2 – SecondBite Frozen Meals (Southbank Campus) Fine Arts Music students only
  • Program 3 – SecondBite Frozen Meals (Eastern Hill Precinct, St Vincent's Hospital) MDHS students only
  • Program 4 – Fresh Food Project (Parkville Campus)

Register: Programs 1, 2 or 4 Register: Program 3

About our programs

  • SecondBite frozen meals

    SecondBite is a local not-for-profit organisation, that provide healthy frozen meals to students. The frozen meals supplied by SecondBite come in 1kg or 250g packs. Meals are prepared based on the ingredients available to SecondBite and there is no set menu or option to order specific meals.

  • Fresh Food Project

    The One Box is a local Melbourne based business that supplies Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for students. The Fresh Food Project contains 5kg of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce selection is locally sourced from Australian producers and is enough to last a week.

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete the registration application and select which programs you are in need of.

Step 2:
You will receive a confirmation email to your student email account.

Step 3: 
Once you have been allocated for collection you will receive your allocation email with all the information you need to know about your pickup such as when it is, where it is and what to bring (eg student ID, a bag etc).

Step 4:
Arrive at the pick-up location on your allocated day as stated in your confirmation email. Please bring your student ID with you.

Step 5:
Follow the instructions from the volunteers at the pick-up location. They will check your student ID card and you will be required to check in via a QR code presented on arrival.

Step 6:
You will then be able to collect your Frozen Meal or Fresh Boxes.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to be a current student to register my interest for food relief?

    Yes, only current University of Melbourne Students are eligible to receive meals or packs.

  • If I need weekly support, do I need to register my interest each week or do I only register my interest once?

    You only need to register once. The registration system is done on a subscription basis and depending on availability and capacity limits you will be allocated and receive allocations via email.

    If you need to opt out of the program or your circumstances change, please contact the food relief team on

  • How will I know when and where to pick up my food?

    You will receive a confirmation email that will explain the time, day and location to collect your food. It will also highlight what items you need to bring along with you (e.g. Student ID Card, a bag etc.)

  • I have dietary requirements. Can these be catered for?

    Unfortunately, due to the meals and packs being prepared based on ingredients available, we are unable to arrange orders to meet dietary requirements. We do, however, try and have a range of options available for most.

  • Is there a maximum number of supplies I can take?

    Yes, our volunteers will advise of the maximum number available per person when you arrive for your Frozen Meals or Fresh Food collection.

  • How do I know what supplies I will be getting?

    You won’t know this until you arrive at the pick-up location. Meals and boxes change weekly and are dependent on what ingredients or produce is available at the time. There are no set options that can be ordered.

  • How long will the relief service run?

    The University of Melbourne’s food relief service is scheduled to run from 27 February to 21 December 2023.

Other programs – Parkville campus

Union Mart, UMSU Welfare

Union Mart is a new program based on a ‘take what you need’ philosophy. Our purpose is to make food and other household items available to those who need them most. Bookings are essential.

More about Union Mart

Welfare Brekkie, UMSU International

UMSU International is providing free breakfast to all students every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout semester. All students (domestic and international) are welcome!

More about UMSU's breakfasts

Welfare Brunch, UMSU Welfare

Join us for a free brunch every Tuesday and Thursday! Find us in Building 168 (Swanston Street entrance).

More about UMSU's brunches

Breakfast Club, Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Are you a graduate student? Start the day right with a free and healthy breakfast on campus!  Find us at the 1888 Building on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (until SWOTVAC). Registrations are essential.

Register for Breakfast Club

Journeys Café by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Located in the Student Pavilion (Level 4), Journeys Café offers fresh, healthy food at affordable prices. Most meals are vegetarian (except for some of the toasties) and there's gluten-free and vegan options.

More about Journeys Cafe

Science Gallery Uncommon Room

A safe, accessible place on campus you can relax, connect with like-minded people, charge your devices and enjoy some cheap eats. During semester, the Uncommon room has free fruit, $1 coffee and $2 toasties!

More about the Uncommon Room

Other programs – Southbank campus

Southbank Breakfasts, UMSU Southbank

Early riser? Drop in for a bite to eat every Thursday morning during semester! Enjoy a variety of fruit, muffins, pastries and wraps. You'll find us in the Hub Building Student Lounge.

More about Southbank Breakfasts

Southbank BBQ, UMSU Southbank

Join us in the BBQ area at Southbank on Tuesdays for a vegan BBQ! Our protein has rave reviews, even among meat eaters.

More about Southbank BBQ

Bread Bin, UMSU Southbank

In need of staples? Visit our small pantry located in the Student Lounge (adjacent to the Library). We provide non-perishable food items and hygiene products for all students according to need. See our UMSU Southbank Guide to Student Life (Guide to Free Food) to find out more.

UMSU Southbank Guide to Student Life

Journeys Café by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Journeys Café is now in Southbank! Located in Building 877, Journeys Café offers fresh, healthy food at affordable prices. Most meals are vegetarian and there's gluten-free and vegan options.

More about Journeys Café

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