Academic support for awardees

The University offers a range of academic support to Australia Awards scholars, including tutorial assistance, academic skills support and more.

Note: This information is for current awardees of the Australia Awards Scholarship. For information on how to apply for the Australia Award, see scholarships.

General student support

The University offers a range of general services to support you during your studies and time in Australia. This includes academic support, counselling, health and chaplaincy.

For more information please refer to our Student Services Directory.

Supplementary Academic Support

Australia Award scholars may apply for Supplementary Academic Support (SAS), including:

  • Tutorial assistance
  • Thesis editing
  • Quantitative skills & data analysis programs.

SAS is only granted for services and activities that occur within the scholarship period, and is accrued at $500 every six months for the period of the scholarship.

It is intended to complement, not replace, support provided by tutors, lecturers, Academic Skills, and other services offered by your department or faculty.

More information

  • Tutorial assistance

    Scholars who need extra support with subject content may apply for SAS to engage a tutor.

    Students and service providers should familiarise themselves with the University's policy on academic honesty and plagiarism. Editing/proofreading services are only permitted for theses.

    How to apply

    1. Send your request to to Include the subject code and name, and your student ID number. Attach or forward email correspondence that shows that you have advised your lecturer/supervisor/subject coordinator/course coordinator of your difficulties and your intention to engage a tutor, and the name and contact details of a tutor they've recommended (if applicable).
    2. After receiving the AAS team's approval and introduction to your tutor, arrange tutorial session times.
    3. Record dates and hours of work.
    4. When the service concludes, email us with any feedback.

    Please allow three days for us to process your request if you have already found a tutor, and longer if you have not found a tutor.

    You should apply for SAS as soon as you find you are struggling with a subject (and well before the exam period) rather than wait until there is an urgent problem.

    Finding a tutor

    We already have tutors on staff for some subjects. Otherwise, the tutor recommended by your lecturer/supervisor/course coordinator should be your first choice. If you are still unable to find a tutor, contact us for advice. Pay is casual academic Level A.2.

    Group tutorials

    Two or more Australia Awards scholars seeking assistance for the same subject may elect to share a tutor. All students should be copied in to the request.

  • Quantitative skills and data analysis training

    The University's Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) offers up to 10 hours of free statistical advice to eligible MPhil, PhD or MD students.

    If you require further support, or if you require support but are ineligible for the SCC's free service, you may apply for SAS to fund the services of the SCC, the Graduate Student Association, or another appropriate provider.

    Please note that rates for services such as the SCC are often higher than for tutorial assistance.

    To apply, email us, and provide correspondence advising your lecturer/supervisor/subject coordinator of your difficulties and your intention to take this training.

    If approved, the AAS team will arrange payment.

  • Thesis editing

    Research higher degree students and coursework students taking a thesis of at least 25 points may apply for SAS for thesis editing. Students may only apply after utilising other support services (including Academic Skills) and on the recommendation of their supervisor.

    Students and thesis editors must familiarise themselves with the University's policy on editing of theses by third parties.

    To apply, forward email confirmation from your supervisor to us, along with your request.

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