Alvin Lianto on why you should study in Melbourne

Indonesian awardee Alvin shares why he enjoys living in Melbourne.

Alvin Lianto

Living in Melbourne has been a privilege for me. One should not only point out one thing to love about Melbourne. Melbourne truly holds its reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the world. For example, the air is clean, there are roads specifically designed for bike riders, the riders and drivers respect each other, such a perfect city for a cyclist like me!

Currently, I am studying at the University of Melbourne and I feel I make the right choice. The University aids students in many aspects e.g. free health check, free mental support, drinking fountains all around, and a lot of events from the university that surely spoils its students. The University of Melbourne also promotes sustainability by providing lots of bike parking spaces and sometimes organizing free breakfast event for students riding a bike to the university. Studying in Melbourne has become a thing that I enjoy which also helps me to focus on my study.

I really recommend Australia Awards scholars to pursue their study here. There are lots of opportunities to grow within and outside of the University. Free public seminars and conferences from credible sources are held often. The lecturers are professional and active. They are very open to discussion inside and outside the class. ‘There is no stupid question!’, they said. I believe if you are proactive, you can grow more than what you think of as an Australia Awards scholar.

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