Rana Zahroh shares her highlights of living in Melbourne

Rana shares her highlights of living in Melbourne.

Rana Zahroh

If you are looking for a place where education is first class and with a good environment for study and play, Melbourne is the place. You will not only get the chance to enhance knowledge but also build your professional career.

Studying at the University of Melbourne is awesome. Subjects are rewarding, and lecturers and staff want students to succeed so are always there to help. There are lots of free additional supports to help improve yourself academically. Students are informed about opportunities for volunteering, research, and internships in their field, so can maximize their study with real work experience!

Living in Melbourne is exciting. There are always new things to do such as travelling to Silvan to see the tulips blooming or strolling around Federation Square over the weekend. Travelling is easy, food is diverse and delicious, halal food is everywhere, mosques and prayer spots are many, healthcare is also high quality and satisfying.

My favourite thing about living in Melbourne is “the access”. After living here, I realised that indeed Melbourne is the most liveable city that people are talking about! Living here means you get access to anything easily, this includes access to its easy transportation with its trams, trains, and buses - you can go anywhere, anytime easily. Easy access to fun places such as good restaurants and beautiful cafes. Easy access to libraries if you need peace and a place to study. Easy access to good quality healthcare and free services around maternal and child health. Easy access to opportunities to enhance your skills personally and professionally.

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