Enrolment Variation

Find out how to adjust your subjects and course.

There are several ways you can make changes to your subjects and course enrolment. Depending on what adjustment you wish to make, you can either make the change yourself in my.unimelb or if this is not possible, request assistance through the Enrolment Variation form. Find out which method you need to use below.

How long do requests take?

The current turnaround time for Enrolment Variation forms is 2  working days.

(Last updated 24th March 2023)

Please be aware of your subjects’ key dates and allow sufficient time for your request to be processed.

What is the Enrolment Variation form?

The Enrolment Variation is an online form you can complete to request assistance with certain enrolment changes that you are unable to make via your Study Plan.

This form can be used to:

  • Waive a prerequisite – If you can take a subject without meeting its prerequisite, you will need to get approval and submit a requisite waiver.
  • Move subjects on your Study Plan – If you would like to move a subject from one part of your study plan to another, eg from 'discipline elective' to 'free points'.
  • Add approved subjects to your Study Plan – If you have not been able to do this yourself via my.unimelb.
  • Add an elective subject from outside your course – If you have approval to undertake an elective subject that is not part of your course.
  • Changes to a major or minor – If you are unable to change a major or minor yourself on your study plan
  • Change a course stream – When you want to change your course stream (as outlined in the course entry of the Handbook).
  • Overload – when you want to enrol in more subjects during a given study period than your course usually permits. For most courses, this means taking more than 50 points in a standard semester.
  • Accept non-credit exemptions – If you have applied for Advanced Standing (credit for prior learning) and have been granted a ‘non-credit exemption’, you will need to ask to have your Study Plan adjusted.
  • Withdraw from a compulsory auto-enrolled subject – Some courses have compulsory Discovery subjects that are auto-enrolled in the first semester; enrolment changes for these subjects cannot be made via my.unimelb. If you need to withdraw from a compulsory subject, you will need approval and to submit an Enrolment Variation form before the subject’s census date.

This form cannot be used for:

  • Class registration enquiriesVisit the timetable help page for assistance with building your class timetable.
  • If the subject census date has passed – Refer to the Dates and Times section of the Handbook to find the census date.
  • Following up on a recently submitted Enrolment Variation form – Contact Stop 1 if you have not received a response within the current turnaround times

Enrolment assistance after the last self-enrol date

The last self-enrol date is the final date you can enrol via your Study Plan. After this date and before the census date you can use the Enrolment Variation form to request enrolment, however this is only permitted in exceptional circumstances and you will need to obtain subject coordinator approval. Note that:

  • Enrolling after the subject census date is not possible, even with coordinator approval
  • Some faculties have specific deadlines and conditions for enrolling after the last self-enrol date and assess enrolment requests on a case-by-case basis.  Refer to the section below for faculty-specific arrangements.

Faculty-specific information

  • Faculty of Arts

    Master of International Relations:

    All requests for approval should be directed to the Deputy Directors of the course Dr Sow Keat Tok (sowkeat.tok@unimelb.edu.au) or Dr. Angel Alcalde (angel.alcalde@unimelb.edu.au).

  • Faculty of Business and Economics

    Faculty of Business and Economics does not approve enrolment in Semester 1 or 2 subjects after the Friday of week three of these semesters, even if Subject Coordinator approval has been provided.

    Students prevented from enrolling on time for reasons outside their control may submit an Enrolment Variation Form: applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and enrolment is not guaranteed.

  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

    Master of Information Systems:

    All request for approval should be directed to Dr Sean Maynard or via email to mis-help@unimelb.edu.au.

    Master of Engineering:

    If you are intending to apply for a change of specialisation, it is recommended that you book an appointment with a course adviser to discuss your options and receive advice.

Documentation to support your request

Supporting documentation may be approval from a subject or course coordinator, or a transcript of your non-VCE study. Approval documentation should be provided in PDF, JPEG or screen capture format.  Note word documents may not be accepted.

  • Approval documentation should clearly show:
    • The date
    • Full email conversation
    • Subject Coordinator or Course Coordinator’s name and email address
    • Your name and email address
    • The subject title and code
  • Example of coordinator approval

    Sample email with arrows highlighting key information: student email, coordinator's details, student name, subject code and date.

  • Transcripts for non-VCE study

    If the enrolment system does not recognise your equivalent secondary studies as meeting prerequisites for a particular subject, you can use the Enrolment Variation form to request a requisite waiver. You will need to upload the transcript from your non-VCE qualification as evidence that you meet the prerequisite for the subject

How to submit an Enrolment Variation form

Learn how to submit an Enrolment Variation form, including which category to use for your enquiry:

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with the expected turnaround time. Staff will assess your request and communicate the outcome with you via your student email.

When making changes to your enrolment, it is your responsibility to check that your enrolment in my.unimelb is always up to date, and to be aware of the subject key dates. Subject key dates are listed in the Handbook.

Contact Stop 1 if:

  • If your request is urgent (e.g. you need assistance enrolling in an intensive subject that is commencing in a few days)
  • If you wish to query the outcome of a previously completed Enrolment Variation request

Changes you can make via my.unimelb

You can complete the following via my.unimelb:

Ready to make a change?

Submit an EV form
Log into my.unimelb

Assistance for graduate researchers

If you are a graduate researcher you can apply to add a coursework subject to your candidature. If you experience any difficulties, please discuss with your Supervisor or your Graduate Research Administrator.