Reinstating your cancelled enrolment

If your enrolment has been cancelled due to failure to re-enrol or incomplete enrolment, or you have withdrawn from a course and want to recommence your studies within the same half year period, you can apply to have your enrolment reinstated.If your enrolment has been cancelled following a non-payment of fees then please refer to the 'Reinstating your cancelled enrolment due to unpaid fees' section below.

  • Commencing students who have been cancelled from their course will have a CIN sanction (cancellation for incomplete enrolment) applied to their student account
  • Continuing students who have been cancelled from their course will have a CFE sanction (cancellation for failure to re-enrol) applied to their account

How to get your enrolment reinstated

  • How to apply

    You can apply for reinstatement by submitting an application online.

    If your application for reinstatement is approved, you will be required to complete your enrolment for the half-year period by:

    • Enrolling in subject/s, or
    • Applying for a Leave of Absence (continuing students only), or
    • Applying for deferral (commencing students only).

    Failure to complete your enrolment may result in having your enrolment cancelled again.

    A $313 reinstatement fee may apply if you are a continuing student (CFE sanction) and your enrolment is reinstated.

  • Can I apply to have my reinstatement fee waived?

    You can apply to have the reinstatement fee waived if you can demonstrate with supporting documentation that either:

    1. Compassionate or compelling circumstances prevented you from completing your enrolment before the deadline, or
    2. You contacted the University about your enrolment before the deadline.

    You can apply to have the reinstatement fee waived when you submit your application for reinstatement or through the Fee Waiver Request Form. Your application should detail the circumstances for why the fee should be waived, including as much relevant information as possible. All requests must include supporting documentation.

    The reinstatement fee will not be waived for the following reasons:

    • Usual work, family or other commitments.
    • Missing or unfinalised subject results. You do not need to wait for your results to be finalised to complete your enrolment, as you can swap subjects later.
    • Difficulties enrolling. You must be proactive about promptly seeking assistance (from online University resources and relevant student services) if you encounter difficulties with your enrolment.
    • Assuming you have enrolled. You are responsible for checking your enrolment is complete, by ensuring that all subjects you plan to take are marked as 'enrolled' and not just 'planned' on your study plan.
    • Not accessing University emails.  You are required to access your University email account at least twice per week, including during periods of leave or University breaks. If you are planning to visit China, find out more on how to access your student email.

    If you have difficulty paying the reinstatement fee, you may wish to discuss your situation with Financial Aid. Once you are enrolled in subjects, interest free student loans are available. Please see the Financial Aid website for details.

  • Application deadline

    The deadline to apply for reinstatement (and for a waiver of the reinstatement fee) is the end of the half year period in which your enrolment was cancelled:

    • First half of the year: before 30 June
    • Second half of the year: before 31 December

    If you have 12.5 credit points or less to complete your course, you may be reinstated after the half-year period only if your course version still exists and it is still possible for you to complete your course within the maximum time to complete.

    If you are a commencing student (CIN sanction), reinstatement can only be approved if it is still possible to enrol in subject/s for the half-year period or apply for deferral. Therefore, applications for reinstatement submitted after the standard semester census date are unlikely to be approved.

    If you do not apply for reinstatement, or have missed the deadline for reinstatement and later decide to resume your studies, you must re-apply for admission. Visit How to apply to understand the application process.

  • Visa implications for international students

    If you're on a student visa and have your enrolment cancelled, we must notify the Department of Home Affairs and cancel your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). The Department of Home Affairs may then cancel your visa.

    If your CoE is cancelled, you must depart Australia or apply for a different visa, within 28 days of your enrolment cancellation date or before your visa expires (whichever comes first).

  • Reinstating your cancelled enrolment due to unpaid fees

    If your enrolment has been cancelled following a non-payment of fees and want to recommence your studies within the same half year period, you can apply to have your enrolment reinstated.

    How to apply

    Please refer to your 'Cancellation Notice' email. Requests for reinstatement should be sent to Fees, Student Scholarly Services.

    A non-refundable reinstatement charge applies to all reinstated enrolments. Application deadline: please refer to your Cancellation Notice email.

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