Re-enrol in your course

Re-enrolling is the process of confirming which subjects and any planned periods of leave you will be taking in the coming year. If you are a currently enrolled coursework student and are continuing your course next year, you must re-enrol during the re-enrolment period or otherwise take a leave of absence.

New students

If you are commencing a course in 2021, visit the Get Started at Melbourne website to complete your enrolment.

Graduate researchers

This re-enrolment process is for coursework students only and different deadlines and requirements apply to Graduate Researchers. Visit the Graduate Research Hub to learn more.

Why do I need to re-enrol?

Re-enrolling is a chance to reflect on your course so far and make choices about your Study Plan for the year ahead. By planning your workload you can look at what opportunities you can fit in around your studies that complement your goals and interests.

When you re-enrol, you are communicating your study intentions to the University which enables us to plan our services and facilities to provide you with the best possible experience in your next year of study.

You must re-enrol:

  • to retain your place in your course, including if you are:
    • taking a break from your studies
    • graduating mid-year
    • completing a study overseas program
  • before you can enter your class preferences into MyTimetable
  • if you are a student visa holder, to meet the requirements of your visa.

When to re-enrol

Re-enrol now for 2021

Re-enrolment for 2021 is now open! Follow the steps below to re-enrol by Tuesday 15 December.

Re-enrolment period opening and closing dates

Timely re-enrolment period 2.00pm AEDT Monday 23 November to 11.59pm AEDT, Tuesday 15 December
Late re-enrolment period.
A late re-enrolment fee of $113 applies if you re-enrol during this period.
Wednesday 16 December to 11.59pm AEDT, Monday 11 January 2021

Handbook publication date

On 23 November, the Handbook will be updated with the subjects offered in 2021. Subject entries in the Handbook will provide information on their delivery modes - starting with First Half Year from 23 November and progressively updated with Second Half Year delivery modes once these have been confirmed in 2021. However, you should still re-enrol for all subjects you plan to take next year during the re-enrolment period.  Once the delivery mode for second half year subjects is confirmed in 2021, you will be able to review and adjust your enrolment to ensure the mode of delivery best suits your circumstances. Visit the subject information page for information on subject delivery modes for 2021 and the Return to Campus page for information on our plans for a gradual and safe return to campus in 2021.

Timetable publication date

The 2021 timetable will be published in the Handbook at 10am on Tuesday 8 December, 2020. Once you’ve re-enrolled and class timetabling is open, you can select your preferred class times for each study period using MyTimetable.

Re-enrol as early as possible

You can re-enrol while you are awaiting your results, even if you are unsure whether you have passed a subject.

Re-enrolling during the timely period is recommended as:

  • if a quota applies to your subject, the earlier you register interest by provisionally enrolling, the more likely you are to secure a place
  • it saves you from paying the late re-enrolment fee if you re-enrol in the late period, or reinstatement fee if you are cancelled from your course due to failure to re-enrol

Don't miss important enrolment notifications

The University will communicate important updates about your enrolment via email. Remember to check your student email account at least twice a week even during University breaks or leave periods to keep informed. Find out how to forward your student email.

Consider taking subjects over summer

Summer Term, January and February intensive subjects are taught across January and February. Studying over summer break can be a great way to complete your degree in a shorter timeframe, or to catch up if you reduced your study load or failed subjects during the year.

Search for summer subjects

How to re-enrol

Follow these steps to re-enrol:

  1. Plan your course
    Use the 2021 Handbook and course planning resources to decide which subjects you need or want to enrol in. If you are a student visa holder, ensure that your course plan enables you to complete your course by your visa end date and meets the other requirements of your student visa.
  2. Enrol in your subjects
    Use your Study Plan to enrol in all of your subjects for 2021, and/or apply for a Leave of Absence if you plan to take a break from your course. You need to re-enrol for the full year unless you're finishing your course mid-year. Find out how to enrol using the study plan.
    Go to your Study Plan
  3. Confirm your re-enrolment
    Review your study plan to check that you have accepted your enrolment declaration and that your 2021 subjects are marked as ‘Enrolled’ and not ‘Planned’.

Can I change my subjects after re-enrolling?

You should plan for your best case scenario using the information that is currently available. You can make changes to your enrolment after re-enrolling, however you should only change subjects after carefully considering your options. Be aware of the key dates for each subject, including the last date to self-enrol, census date and last date to withdraw without fail, and understand the potential impact to your study plan, fees and academic record of making changes to your enrolment.

Read more about enrolment key dates

What if I have been cancelled from my course?

If you have been cancelled from your course due to failure to re-enrol, you can apply to be reinstated and, if successful, you will be liable for a $282 reinstatement fee. Refer to your email notification of cancellation and follow the instructions to apply for reinstatement.

Requirements for student visa holders

As a student visa holder you need to ensure that you meet the requirements of your student visa.

Maintain a full-time study load

Ensure you meet full-time study load requirements and complete your course by the end date on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Exceptions to standard study load of 50 points requirements are:

If you have not maintained a standard study load for reasons other than these, a sanction will be place on your record and you will be instructed on how to plan your course to get back on track.

Take subjects delivered on-campus

Student visa holders are normally required to be enrolled in at least one subject that is delivered on-campus in each half-year period, and must ensure that the number of online subjects doesn’t exceed one third of the total course. However, whilst there are travel restrictions still in place, the University will continue to be able to apply flexibility to this requirement.

The modes of delivery of subjects in first half year 2021 have been carefully designed to allow all students to progress their studies next year even if not all students will be able to return to campus in time for the start of semester.

Update your contact details

A requirement of your student visa is that you promptly notify the University of any changes to your contact details. The University expects that you update your contact details within 48 hours of any changes. When you’re entering your contact information, such as your overseas permanent address, you must only use English characters. Check that your details are up to date in my.unimelb.

FAQs and further assistance

Try these FAQs which cover common re-enrolment scenarios. Support is available if you need further course planning advice or information to manage your enrolment online. Find out how to get course planning and enrolment assistance.

  • I can’t re-enrol, what should I do?

    If after trying you’re unable to update your study plan, submit an online Enrolment Variation request and we will assist you with your enrolment. Support is available if you need further course planning advice or information to manage your enrolment online. Find out how to get course planning and enrolment assistance.

  • Can I re-enrol while I am waiting for my results?

    You can and should re-enrol while you are awaiting your results, even if you are unsure how you have performed. When you receive your results is a good point to review your 2021 subject selection and to make changes if required.

  • I am currently on leave ending December 2020, do I need to re-enrol ?

    Yes. If you have subjects still to complete in your course, you need to re-enrol in all your 2021 subjects, or apply for further leave if you are unable to study. Your current period of leave will not block you from re-enrolling.

  • I have approved Leave for the first half of 2021, do I need to re-enrol?

    If you have approved Leave of Absence for the first half of 2021, you will still need to re-enrol in subjects for the second half of 2021.

  • I am an international student but I don’t have a current Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), can I still re-enrol?

    Yes. Your CoE can be organised and provided separately and will be based on the enrolment you select during in the re-enrolment period.

  • What are the subject delivery modes?

    The delivery mode refers to how the subject will be taught - Dual-Delivery, Online and Campus-based (in person). Visit the subject information page for information on subject delivery modes for 2021.

  • What if I have a 40-49 fail grade and have been or may be deemed eligible for Final Subject Assessment (FSA)?

    Students who were due to complete won’t have been invited to re-enrol, so the re-enrolment deadlines don’t apply.

    However, if you fail your final subject you should re-enrol as you may not be offered FSA and are not guaranteed to pass the subject. Your enrolment can be amended if you pass the FSA.

    Learn more about final subject assessment.

  • Do I need to re-enrol if I am awaiting an outcome for my course transfer/early exit application?

    Yes, re-enrol as though your application will not be approved. You can amend your enrolment if your application is approved. You will need to withdraw from the course/s you don’t intend to undertake. Do this promptly and, to avoid tuition fees, before the census dates for any subjects you have enrolled in as part of a course you no longer wish to undertake.

  • I am admitted in two courses, do I need to re-enrol in both?

    Yes, you must have either study load and/or approved leave for both half-year periods in both courses unless you are finishing your course(s) mid-year.

  • Can I re-enrol while I am awaiting an outcome for my Course Academic Progress Committee (CAPC)/misconduct meeting?

    If you have been contacted about CAPC or a misconduct hearing, a sanction will be placed on your account that will prevent you from enrolling in subjects via your study plan until the outcome of your CAPC or misconduct hearing is known. If you need to re-enrol after being notified of the outcome, the sanction will be lifted and you will be able to re-enrol. No late re-enrolment fee will apply. Refer to your CAPC or misconduct email notification for further information.

  • How do I re-enrol if I have an overdue fee sanction?

    Overdue fee sanctions prevent you from re-enrolling. You must pay your overdue fees to resolve the sanction and be able to re-enrol​.

    Your sanction will be ended as soon as payment has been received. Please allow up to two business days for your payment to be received by the University and ensure you allow sufficient time to meet the re-enrolment deadline.

  • Do I need to re-enrol if I am awaiting an outcome for my overseas study program application?

    Yes, re-enrol as you would if you are not completing an overseas study program.