Subject delivery modes

Here you’ll find information about the subject delivery modes for Summer Term and Semester 1 2021.

Last updated: 11.22am, 13 January 2021

The delivery mode refers to how the subject will be taught (on campus, online or a combination of the two). In First Half Year 2021, including Summer Term and Semester 1 2021, there will be three delivery modes for your subjects:

  • Dual-Delivery
  • Online
  • Campus-based (in person)

You can find the delivery mode for your subjects in the subject listing of the Handbook which is the source of truth for your course and subject information. Delivery modes for Summer and Semester 1 2021 subjects will be published in the Handbook from 23 November.

Subject Delivery Modes in First Half Year 2021

Subject typeDefinition Who can enrol in these subject types?

Dual-delivery subjects

These subjects are taught in two modes: blended delivery (online and campus-based) for students who can attend campus, and entirely online delivery for students who cannot attend campus.

All students may enrol in these subjects.

For students who are able to attend campus, these subjects will be delivered using a blend of Campus-based activities and online activities.

For students who are unable to attend campus, these subjects will be delivered using entirely online activities.

Online subjects

These subjects are taught entirely online with no campus-based or in-person activities.

All students may enrol in these subjects.

These subjects have no campus-based or in-person activities and are delivered entirely online.


These subjects have essential, required activities that can only be taught in person Campus-based or in a physical location. These subjects may also include online activities and support materials on the LMS.

To enrol in these subjects, students must be able to attend campus or a physical location.

These subjects have a requirement for Campus-based or in-person activities that cannot be offered online.

Delivery modes for Second Half Year (including Winter Term and Semester 2) will be confirmed in 2021. Until then, you should still enrol in subjects for the entire academic year, and you’ll have the opportunity to review and adjust your Second Half Year enrolment once the delivery mode of your subjects for this period are confirmed.

If you’re not sure which study periods fall within First Half Year and Second Half Year, you can find out more by visiting What are half-year periods?

Returning teaching & learning activities to campus in 2021

The number of activities which can take place on campus in Summer Term and Semester 1 will be managed carefully to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines (for example, building density and capacity requirements) to enable a COVID-safe campus. Government restrictions and public health advice will continue to guide the University’s phased and gradual return to campus to ensure the health and safety of the University community, which is our number one priority.

If you are unable to return to campus in time for the start of classes, a large number of subjects will be available to study online – either in the Dual-Delivery or Online subject types.

However, if you are able to return to campus and you have the opportunity to do so via the activities offered in your subjects, we encourage you to do so. The number and type of activities which can be delivered on campus will be determined by the physical restrictions in place and our venue capacities. We anticipate that the volume of on campus activities will increase as the public health situation in Melbourne continues to improve and restrictions ease. As the on campus activities increase, we will continue to offer online activities in Dual-Delivery and Online subject types for students unable to attend campus.

Note that we might not always be able to guarantee you a spot in an on campus activity due to our reduced venue capacities. If so, we will let you know when capacities increase across campus and we can start inviting more students to return to partake in on campus activities. We will continue to increase the number of informal study and social spaces available on campus, and our libraries will be gradually re-opening from the beginning of 2021.

For those students who are not able to return to campus for the start of classes, there will be a large number of subjects in which you will be able to enrol and complete online to best suit your circumstances. The library will also facilitate remote access to materials and a retrieval process for those students who are unable to return to campus.

Assessments and exams

You will be provided with information on mid-semester assessments and exams for 2021 well in advance. Visit the COVID-19 updates and advice for students page for the latest information on assessments and exams.

Participation and attendance requirements for Semester 1, 2021

In 2020, physical attendance and participation requirements were waived unless specifically required by Subjects Coordinators. For 2021, participation and attendance requirements will not be waived and will be as set out in the relevant Handbook entry for your subject. This means that you will be expected to meet the participation and attendance requirements set out in your subject entry in the Handbook.

Frequently asked questions

  • I’m planning on travelling to Melbourne after Semester 1 has already started. Can I enrol in a Campus-based (in-person) subject?

    You may be able to enrol in a Campus-based (in-person) subject before you arrive in Melbourne, so long as it is before the census date for that subject and you can meet the attendance and participation requirements in the meantime. Please check the Handbook page and seek advice from the Subject Coordinator or the Course Planning team before choosing this option if in doubt.

  • If I enrol in a dual-delivery subject, how much choice do I have in selecting on campus and online activities?

    The range of in-person and online activities on offer for each dual-delivery subject will differ depending on the discipline and the delivery requirements. However, most dual-delivery subjects will have a mix of Campus-based in-person and online activities, and some opportunity for students to preference classes between the two modes of delivery.

    However, the number of on campus in-person places will be determined by venue capacities, building density and physical distancing requirements in place so we cannot guarantee a spot for every student who preferences an on campus activity. More places in on campus activities may become available as physical distancing requirements ease and we will let you know when this is the case.

  • Will the online content in a dual-delivery subject be the same as the in-person content?

    Yes. If you’re enrolled in a dual-delivery subject, the activities online and the activities on campus (in-person) will allow all students to meet the same intended learning outcomes. The subject objectives and intended learning outcomes will be as per the Handbook entry.

  • What happens if my circumstances change and I can no longer attend my classes?

    If your circumstances change and you can no longer attend the classes in which you have been allocated, your options will depend on what delivery mode your subject has.

    Dual-delivery subjects

    You may have the ability to change your class allocations from on campus (in-person) classes to online classes through the MyTimetable review and adjust up until the end of week 3 for Semester 1 subjects. If your circumstances change after this point and you can no longer attend on campus (in-person) classes, changes to mode of delivery of your classes can be requested via the Timetabling Assistance Form in MyTimetable.

    Campus-based (in-person) subjects

    Campus-based (in-person) subjects have essential activities which need to be delivered in-person and cannot be delivered online. Hence, if you can no longer attend the Campus-based in-person activities for these subjects, you will need to discuss your options with your Subject Coordinator.

  • What is an Off Campus subject and can I enrol in an Off Campus subject if I can’t attend campus?

    Some subjects are listed in the Handbook as being delivered Off Campus as they are delivered at a site which is not on one of the campuses of the University of Melbourne (for example, industry placement or internship).

    Off Campus subjects are the same as Campus-based subjects in that they are delivered in person and you are required to attend a physical location. The attendance will be offsite (not Campus-based) but will still have in person requirements (for example, internship, industry placement etc based on an off-site physical location). Therefore you can only enrol in one of these subjects if you will be able to attend the physical location.

  • I want to enrol in a subject based on the delivery mode it says in the Handbook, but in my Study Plan it’s saying a different delivery mode – have I enrolled correctly?

    Yes, you are enrolled correctly. The Handbook is the source of truth and has the most current information on subject delivery modes in first half year 2021. Don’t worry if you see different a delivery modes in your Study Plan for First Half Year 2021 (Summer Term and Semester 1), what matters is which delivery mode it says on the subject’s Handbook entry. For example, a subject that is published in the Handbook as ‘Dual Delivery’ or ‘Online’ may reflect as ‘On Campus’ in the Study Plan – but that’s okay, it’s definitely the mode that the Handbook says is it is.