Course and subject delivery information

Find out about how our programs are delivered.

All of our undergraduate programs are delivered on campus. Most graduate programs are delivered on campus - dual delivery and online modes may be available in some graduate programs. Subject delivery modes are published in the Handbook.

Subject delivery modes

Delivery modes for subjects are published in the subject listing of the Handbook – the best location to find your course and subject information.

  • Dual-Delivery

    Dual-Delivery subjects are taught in a flexible format.

    How to build your class timetable with dual delivery subjects

    • Select your timetable preferences: When you enter your class timetable preferences in MyTimetable, you will be able to choose classes (tutorials, lectures, seminars, etc) in the delivery mode (blended or online) that suits you best.
    • Review your allocated timetable: When the MyTimetable review and adjust period is open, you will be able to review your allocated mode of delivery. During this period, you will be able to change your allocation, including from online to on campus (or vice versa).
    • Attending classes: Once class allocations are finalised, you are expected to continue in your allocated mode of delivery for the whole semester.

    Find out more about class types and delivery modes in MyTimetable.

  • On campus

    On Campus subjects have essential, required activities that can only be taught in person, on campus or in another physical location. These subjects may also include online activities and support materials on the LMS. To enrol in On Campus subjects, you must be able to attend campus or a physical location.

  • Online

    These subjects are taught entirely online with no campus-based activities. All students can enrol in online subjects. Please check the Handbook or MyTimetable for detailed information on subject delivery specific to you, as you may be required to attend some mandatory activities at set times, such as live Zoom sessions and online exams.

Attendance requirements

Participation and attendance requirements are mandatory. These requirements are published in the Handbook and depend on the subject’s mode of delivery.

Student visa holders are required to be in Australia and must not exceed Online Study Limitations.

Privacy when learning online

Tutorials and other classes may be recorded and uploaded to the LMS. We record your classes so that you can use the recordings to revise your subject material for assessments and exams. We don’t use the recordings for any other purpose. If you do not want your image to be recorded during one of these classes, you should let your lecturer or tutor know and you can turn off your video camera. However, as it is expected that you will actively participate in your classes, it is not possible to exclude your voice from any recording.

For further information, please see:

Special circumstances

Student Equity and Disability Services provide supports for students who need ongoing assistance with their studies. Find out more about support services available here.

Further support

The University has a range of support services available to you. If you require further assistance, you can also submit an enquiry to Stop 1 for advice, or get in touch with UMSU or the GSA.