Class types and delivery modes

When creating your class timetable, it’s important to know how your subject will be taught and what class types are available so that you select preferences and are allocated to classes that suit your circumstances.

Subject delivery modes

The delivery mode refers to how the subject will be taught: online, campus-based (in person), or dual-delivery (an option of online and campus-based). You can find the delivery mode for your subjects in the subject listing of the Handbook which is the source of truth for your course and subject information.

Who can enrol in online or dual-delivery subjects?

All students may enrol in these subjects.

If you are an onshore student and you are taking a dual-delivery subject, you are strongly encouraged to select on campus-based classes. Online classes will be prioritized for offshore students.

Based on your subject’s delivery mode, you will be able to select online or campus-based classes. There are some other categories such as recorded and sectioned subject classes that you may come across when creating your timetable. You should plan to attend all of your classes in the same way for the entire semester. However, if you’re suddenly unable to continue attending in the mode you selected for a significant period of time for health or personal reasons, you should inform your subject coordinator.

Identifying online and campus-based classes in MyTimetable

  • Online classes

    Classes being run online are listed as a location that is called either X-Online, X-Online via Zoom or X-Scheduled delivery via LMS and are run on a campus called Online.

    If you will not be in Melbourne for part or all of the study period you are entering preferences for, you should only enter preferences for online classes.

    If you are enrolled in an on-campus subject but will not be able to attend on campus in Melbourne, you should change your enrolment to an online or dual-delivery subject. Visit the subject delivery page for more information.

    Screenshot from MyTimetable indicating position of 'campus' and 'location' fields.

  • Campus-based classes

    Classes that will run on campus will have a physical location on a physical campus listed, or a location with the name X-Departmentally Organised Venue or X-Offsite on a campus called Off-Site.

    Depending on your class type, you may only have the option of entering your class preference for the day and time of your class, but not the location. Make sure you select the classes that are being held at a location that you will be able to attend.

    Screenshot from MyTimetable showing on-screen position of 'Campus' field.

  • Blended Synchronous Learning

    Blended Synchronous Learning (BSL) is a new class format that uses the latest learning technology to enable you and your fellow classmates to experience your class as one group at the same time, regardless of whether you are on campus or logging in remotely.

    You should only preference or select a classes in a location you can attend (eg if you are in Melbourne select Parkville as your campus, if you are overseas select Online as your campus). BSL activities will have one on-campus class and one online class scheduled at the same time. The online version of a BSL class will be indicated with the location X-Blended Synchronous Learning Online Stream and the campus Online.

    If you log in remotely you will be visible within the physical class space, and you will be able to see students and teaching staff in the physical classroom. Classes are scheduled in rooms equipped with multiple cameras and four wireless handheld microphones so you can all interact together, no matter where you are located.

    Screenshot from MyTimetable showing a class with location displaying as "blended synchronous learning".

  • Recorded classes

    Some classes may be categorised as ‘recorded’ (ie available on Lecture Capture) which means you may not need to attend in person (however, please check the Attendance and Participation requirements for your subject in the Handbook for further information on this).

    Recorded classes can be different to other online classes, which could need to be attended at the time the class is scheduled. Recorded classes can be watched at any time once the recording has been released, so it may be possible for these classes to clash with in-person classes in your timetable if attendance is not mandatory.

    Screenshot from MyTimetable showing 'Recorded option' as subject's location.

  • Sectioned subjects

    For sectioned subjects, you must select classes in groups, meaning you will be with the same classmates for two or more classes (eg the same lecture and studio workshop). Classes in sections will display the campus they are located on, just like for other class types not part of a section. In the section, you should select the classes for the campus you can attend in each class type.

    Screenshot from MyTimetable demonstrating Sectioned subject layout (within system, sections are marked in text)

Managing your timetable for each subject delivery mode

  • Dual-delivery subjects

    With dual-delivery subjects, you may have an option to either attend your classes on campus (in-person) or online. If you are able to attend campus you should select on-campus classes. Offshore students will be prioritised for online classes.

    If you have enrolled in a dual-delivery subject, during the student timetabling process you may be able to preference some of your class activities (like a tutorial or a workshop) on campus in-person, and some of your class activities for the same subject (like a lecture or a seminar) online. Your timetable preferences will then be considered and you will be allocated into classes in which there are places available.

    Prior to the beginning of each study period (e.g. Summer Term and Semester 1), you’ll be required to select your timetable preferences for the activities with the delivery mode that you plan on attending for the entire semester. For example, if you preference an on campus in-person tutorial, and you’re allocated to an on campus in-person class, you’ll need to attend that class in-person for the entire semester.

    At the start of semester, you may be able to change your timetable preferences or allocation from on campus (in-person) classes to online classes by using the review and adjust function in the MyTimetable system before the end of week 3. After week 3, you can request a change to your class delivery by submitting a Timetabling Assistance Form.

    To allow us to keep our campuses COVIDsafe and to assist with contact tracing, once timetable allocations close you cannot switch back and forth between on campus in-person delivery and online delivery of classes throughout the teaching period, even if your subject offers both.

    More information on how to enter your timetable preferences for dual-delivery classes will be available on the Class Timetable page. Please note, FFAM students undertaking activities on the Southbank campus may have a different process for choosing their timetable, and should refer to that process for further information.

  • Online subjects

    All activities (classes) will be online for Online Subjects, so you should choose your preferences and manage your allocations at your preferred time and day to enable a clash-free timetable.

  • Campus-based (in-person) subjects

    If you need to enrol in a Campus-based (in-person) subject as part of your course requirements but are unable to return to Melbourne in time for classes or unable to attend campus for whatever reason, you should book a course planning appointment to discuss your options for study in 2021. Your course planning advisor can help you plan your course and study plan to account for your inability to return to campus at the start of semester and your requirement for online classes.

Timetable support

For class timetabling help and troubleshooting information, visit our timetable help page.