Quota subjects

Quota subjects are subjects that allow a limited number of students to enrol. These are usually laboratory, fieldwork, travel, or studio subjects where capacity is limited by facilities or resources such as laboratories, accommodation or studio space.

What are quota subjects?

Quota subjects or ‘quota restricted subjects’ have a limited number of places. To register your interest in a quota subject you must check the University Handbook to confirm the quota application process and deadline as it varies between subjects.

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How are places selected?

Your enrolment in a quota subject is not confirmed until the selection process has been finalised by the relevant Academic Division. The selection process will commence after the application deadline, which is listed in the subject's Handbook entry.

Most quota subjects select students on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis (that is, the earlier you register interest by provisionally enrolling, the more likely you are to secure a place). But some quota subjects select students on other bases such as:

  • academic merit
  • academic merit with additional application criteria (a written statement, interview or performance etc)
  • ballot/random selection
Remember it is important for you to check the University Handbook to confirm the quota subject’s application deadline as it varies between subjects.

Community Access Program, Cross-Institutional, or Enabling Students

If you are not a student currently enrolled in a University of Melbourne undergraduate or graduate coursework degree and wish to enrol in a quota subject, you will need to submit your application for the appropriate subject by the application date.

Information for each process is available below:

Faculty and graduate school information

The following faculties have information about specific quota subjects for their courses: