Laptop preparation (on-campus exams)

Allow plenty of time to prepare your laptop well in advance of the exam period to avoid technical issues on the day.

Remember, all digital exam desks are powered, so you can bring in your power charging cables.

Please note that laptops are the only acceptable device to bring into the exam venue. Tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices may not be used to take your digital exam.

Don’t have a reliable laptop to sit your exam?

If your personal laptop does not meet the requirements, you can borrow a University laptop for your centrally managed digital exams by filling out this form.  Please note you will not receive a confirmation email after you complete this form.  You will need to fill out this form for each exam you require a laptop for.

Before SWOT Vac

Estimated time to complete: <1 hour

Step 1 Check your laptop and its operating systems are compatible

Compatibility requirements:

  • Mac: macOS V11 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 10 21H2 or higher
  • Not compatible: Windows 10/11 “S mode” is not compatible and Chromebooks and Linux machines are not currently supported.

Step 2 Install LockDown browser/s

There are two versions of Respondus LockDown browser that are used for exams. You will need to install the correct version for your exam type, LMS Classic Quiz or Cadmus exam. The LockDown browser prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment. You cannot sit your on campus digital exam without installing Respondus.

Step 3 Make sure you can access your student accounts

Account access requirements:

  • You must be able to log into the LMS. Please ensure you can remember your student username and password (you will not be able to use a password manager).
  • Multifactor Authentication must be working and linked to a mobile device you can use to complete OKTA verification during the exam.

Step 4 Connect to UniWireless

Test that you can connect to UniWireless now to ensure you will be able to access the wi-fi network on exam day.

Recommended: For optimal performance, configure your laptop to prefer Uniwireless instead of eduroam, and 5GHz WiFi instead of 2.4GHz WiFi.

The day before your exam

Estimated time to complete: ~20 minutes

Step 5 Charge your laptop and electronic equipment

While each desk will have access to power, please ensure your devices are fully charged and capable of holding charge for at least 3 hours.

Devices to charge:

  • Laptop
  • Power bank
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Calculator
  • Mobile phone (for OKTA verification)

Step 6 Check for Respondus LockDown browser/s updates
  1. Open Respondus on your laptop.
  2. Allow the update if prompted. If you open the Respondus browser and the LMS appears, this means you have the latest version and no action is required.
  3. Once completed, the  Respondus browser should open the LMS.
Step 7 For LMS Classic Quiz, ensure you know how to find your LockDown browse

If your on-campus digital exam is an LMS Classic Quiz, read the instructions on how to find your exam in Respondus.

The day of your exam

Estimated time to complete: ~10 minutes

Step 8 Disable system downloads and updates
  • Disable any Operating System download or code upgrades.
  • Turn off Airdrop & Airplay on MacBooks.
Step 9 Turn off Wi-fi and bluetooth on other electronic devices

Apart from devices you will use during your exam, all other devices must have wi-fi switched off when you arrive at the venue.

Use 3G/4G/5G on your mobile phone for OKTA verification during the exam.

Step 10 Get support if you experience a technical issue

Raise your hand if you need technical support during your exam.

Install LMS Classic Quiz LockDown browser

If you are completing a Canvas Classic Quiz you will need to download a LockDown browser (Canvas Classic Quiz).

Download LockDown browser (Canvas Classic Quiz)

  1. Click the yellow “Install Now” button. This will download the .zip file that contains the install file (.exe for Windows or .pkg for Mac).
  2. If the .zip file doesn’t unzip automatically, look in your Download folder and double click the file. The account used for install must have administrator rights on the computer.

Installation videos

Testing your LockDown browser

Self-enrol in the LMS Community – LockDown (Canvas Classic Quiz) Test Community.

Once enrolled, you can then take a practice LMS quiz by launching LockDown browser, navigating to the subject LockDown browser (Canvas Classic Quiz) Test and completing the practice quiz.

Using your LockDown browser

For Windows, the LockDown browser shortcut is in the Windows Start Menu, in the Respondus folder. If you can’t see it, use the Windows Search at bottom left of your taskbar (magnifying glass icon), and type Respondus LockDown browser.

For Mac, the application is in your Applications folder. You can search for LockDown browser in Finder at the top right of your screen and typing Respondus LockDown browser.

  1. Close all other programs before starting LockDown browser
  2. Click on the LockDown browser icon to start
  3. LockDown Browser may pop up asking to close other programs before continuing. Click on ‘Close Process’ for each one suggested
  4. LockDown browser automatically navigates to Canvas LMS
  5. You will be prompted to enter your username and password (you will need to remember these details as you won’t be able to use a password manager)
  6. After logging into Canvas, navigate to your Subject then Assignments
  7. Find and click the link for the LockDown browser Quiz. Its name will end with “Requires LockDown browser”
  8. Click on Take the Quiz button
  9. Enter the answers, then when you are finished the quiz, click Submit quiz
  10. Log out of Canvas
  11. Click X at the top of the LockDown browser to close the browser.

Install Cadmus LockDown browser

If you are completing a Cadmus exam you will need to download LockDown browser OEM (Cadmus).

Download LockDown browser OEM (Cadmus)

Testing your LockDown browser

  1. Self-enrol in the LMS Community – LockDown (Cadmus) Test Community
  2. Once enrolled, you can then take a practice Cadmus Exam by opening the Cadmus assignment in the community, launch LockDown browser in Cadmus and complete the practice Cadmus exam.

Using your Cadmus LockDown browser

  1. Close all other programs on your laptop before starting
  2. Via your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, log into the LMS and verify with Okta (if needed)
  3. After logging into the LMS, navigate to your Subject, then Assignments
  4. Open your exam and click Load “exam name” in a new window to launch your Cadmus assignment
  5. If prompted, check the box I have read and agreed to the collection notice and privacy policy
  6. Click Launch Exam 
    • If you have not installed the LockDown Browser, you can click Download LockDown browser to install. Once this is done, restart your Cadmus assignment and click Launch Exam.
  7. In the confirmation box that appears click Open LockDown browser OEM
  8. Close any applications the LockDown Browser OEM prompts you to close
  9. If the start time has not passed, you will be advised when the exam is available for you to start
  10. Commence the exam at the start time
    • You may have reading time when you are only able to read the exam instructions until the reading time is completed
  11. Once completed the exam, click Submit and close the LockDown browser OEM