LGBTIQA+ Information

As an LGBTIQA+ student, you are a valued and vibrant part of the University of Melbourne. Many destinations will be as accepting (or more) of different sexual and gender identities, but unfortunately there are also destinations where laws, customs and attitudes towards you will be very different.

Seeking information about a host destination or institution's attitudes towards LGBTIQA+ students can help you choose an appropriate overseas study program and prepare you for the differences that you might encounter there. Awareness of the cultural, legal and social issues abroad, and how they could affect your interactions while overseas, are important considerations when doing research. You can also find and connect with LGBTIQA+ communities in your host destination to ensure you have a supportive network around you during your experience.


Due to the University’s current travel advice related to COVID-19, global student travel has been suspended until 31 October 2021. Read the latest advice or find out more about completing exchange in 2022.