Plan your overseas study

Studying overseas is a great experience, but it's important you take subjects that fit in well with your degree and future study plans.

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1. Understand your options

In order to receive credit towards your University of Melbourne degree, you must choose an overseas program that allows you to study subjects that match your degree requirements. If you need help deciding which overseas subjects you have space for in your University of Melbourne degree, you can:

  • Consult the Handbook: Check your University of Melbourne course and major requirements, taking special note of any core subjects, prerequisites and breadth requirements.
  • Check any rules or restrictions about studying overseas from your course or faculty.
  • Read the credit information in the Programs Database: Pay careful attention to the 'Credit' tab for each program listing, here the host institution will outline the minimum credit points you need to complete while overseas.
  • Talk to a Stop 1 adviser: Book a course planning appointment with Stop 1 to discuss how to plan subjects for overseas study.
  • Get advice from your faculty by speaking with:
    • A Discipline Adviser if you need help selecting major, minor or diploma subject options.
    • Your course Program Director If you need help selecting breadth or non-specific elective subjects which do not lead to a major/minor. You must contact your course Program Director, not the Program Director of your breadth or non-specific elective.

2. Choose your program

Select which program you would like to apply for in the Programs Database. If you are deciding between programs, make a list of pros and cons to compare your options. Australian undergraduate students should check which programs have $3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants available.

Visit the Programs Database

3. Choose your subjects

Some programs offer a range of subjects you can choose from. Read through the program listing in the Programs Database to familiarise yourself with what’s offered and decide which subjects you intend to take.

4. Attend an info session

It is highly recommended that you attend a session as it is a great opportunity to clarify your study options, check your understanding of the application process and answer any general questions you might have. Sessions are available on multiple days and times throughout the semester.

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What's next?

Step 2: Complete your application

The University has updated its current travel advice to all students due to COVID-19, and overseas study will not be possible in Semester 2. Read the latest travel advice or find out more about completing semester exchange in 2021.