Withdrawing from overseas study

Sometimes you might not be able to go on your overseas study program as you originally intended. So what happens next?

How to notify us of withdrawal

You must contact the Global Learning team via this webform to notify us in writing of your circumstances.

Notify us now

Common reasons for withdrawal

Below are some common scenarios students may experience which lead to a withdrawal from an overseas study program.

A student withdraws from the exchange program because they:

  • Have compassionate or compelling circumstances
  • No longer want to participate in the overseas study program
  • Do not receive their first choice host institution
  • Do not receive any of their three host institution choices
  • Receive another study opportunity (eg Internship or University of Melbourne Overseas Subject).

If you intend to apply again in the future

Once your withdrawal is confirmed by the Global Learning team, you will still be able to apply for further overseas study program opportunities if you decide to at a later stage in your studies. There may be conditions for your subsequent application, depending on the reason for your withdrawal.

  • Semester and year-long exchange programs
    • If your withdrawal from a semester or yearlong exchange is deemed to be for compassionate or compelling reasons, you will still be able to apply for subsequent semester or yearlong exchange programs, without any conditions.
    • If you withdraw from the exchange program without compassionate or compelling reasons, you are still permitted to apply for another semester/yearlong exchange in a subsequent application cycle. In most cases you will be required to meet with a Global Learning Adviser and your application will be considered in a second round of host institution allocations.

    Students who withdraw from semester programs will be able to apply in the next application cycle for short-term programs as normal.

  • Short term programs

    Students who withdraw from a short term program will still be able to apply for subsequent short term and/or semester and year-long programs.