Round 1 Grant Recipients 2016


Project Coordinator

Project Description

Amount Funded

1. Wildings

Anna Helme, PHD student, VCA

Wildings is a new student-led sidebar of innovative moving image programming in partnership with VCA, The University of Melbourne, ACMIX and Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Wildings offers a new program to the festival of boundary-pushing film and video art reflecting LGBTQI+ life by internationally renowned contemporary filmmakers and video artists.


2. The DPM Collective

Clare Humphries, Lecturer, VCA

The DPM Collective will be a student-led association of VCA students and staff, united by a common interest in contemporary drawing and printmaking practices. The collective will allow students to take ownership of their learning and engagement experiences with one another as well as other artists and organisations outside the university.

$ 4,808

3. Update to Gym Equipment at Dookie

Jacinta Way, FVAS, Dookie Campus

The Dookie campus gym will be updated with new equipment to promote the health and wellbeing of students.


4. Student trip to Sheepvention at Hamilton

Jacinta Way, FVAS, Dookie Campus

Students, who do not normally have opportunity within their course to attend events that provide insight into the sheep industry, will be supported to attend this event. An event of this nature offers students opportunity to expand their knowledge of this industry and gain insight into potential career opportunities.


5. Significant Assessment on the Student Union Archive

Clint Small, UMSU, Rowden Library

A Significance Assessment is a standardised process that is done to examine a collection’s holdings, and assert its cultural and historical value. It will help explain the meaning and value of the collection and will provide further information for the collection’s management and interpretation.


6. Night Market

Aviya Bavati, UMSU International

Night Market is an annual event which aims to bring about cross-cultural exchange through food, games and performances. With an attendance of approximately 7000, Night Market might be the largest student run and led event in the nation. Approximately 25 international student clubs will get together with UMSU International to sell a mouth-watering variety of ethnic food and to showcase their cultures through games, performances and costumes.


7. Outdoor Gallery Space

Alex Kennedy, Major Projects, Chancellery

The Outdoor Gallery Project seeks to provide Parkville students with a feature creative space that will reference something of the energy and activity of Melbourne’s creative laneway culture. With the support of the Student Precinct Project team, the Outdoor Gallery Project will identify a limited number of spaces and options within the precinct that could effectively function as an outdoor gallery to be led by UMSU’s Arts and Entertainment unit in collaboration with the Student Precinct Project Activation Working Group. It is envisaged that design would speak to themes of social inclusion and diversity and be co-created with students.


8. Mudfest

Susan Hewitt, UMSU

Mudfest, run through UMSU, is the University of Melbourne’s biennial arts festival. Beginning in 1990, it has since grown into the largest student arts festival in Australia. Encompassing a diverse range of arts practices including visual and performing, film and music, Mudfest also encourages innovative collaborations between established art forms that defy categorization.

Mudfest has been student-run and student-led since 2011, providing students with leadership roles and professional development opportunities. With an established history and a strong reputation, Mudfest consistently attracts thousands of attendees to bear witness to the fecund creativity on campus that feeds indelibly into Melbourne’s greater arts ecology.


9. Elite Athlete Program International Travel Grants

Brendan Parnell, Melbourne University Sport

The annual Sports Scholarship and Elite Athlete Program supports approximately 260 student-athletes across 48 sports. The majority of student athletes form deep and loyal connections to the University due to a combination of the educational opportunities, support to continue their sporting careers and a sense of affinity with their peers from the shared experience of representing the University.


10. Theatre Board

Richard Sallis, Chair of Theatre Board, VCA

For decades the UoM Theatre Board has supported the cultural life of the university predominantly via its student theatre program.  The impact of the work of the Theatre Board is far-reaching in regard to the cultural (artistic) life of the UoM. Directly and/or indirectly many student types benefit from its work. For example: registered student theatre groups; UoM residential colleges that produce one or more plays per year; individuals who seek to improve their theatre/arts skills and/or contribute to the artistic life of the UoM. The Theatre Board not only helps to foster the work of theatre actors and directors but, through its various funding schemes it supports many others associated with the development and staging of theatre on campus, including: designers, playwrights, choreographers, musicians and theatre technicians.


11. Women in Science Engineering Networking Night (WISE)

Rachael McCullough, Student, Women in Science and Engineering Student Society

Women in Science Engineering (WISE) will organise and host a Networking Night for current students to engage with professionals in a wide range of fields who have STEM degree background. The aim of the event is to provide role models for young women in STEM degrees to inspire and motivate their future studies and careers.


12. Festival of Nations

Aviya Bavati, UMSU International

Festival of Nations is a two day long, annual event which aims to bring about cross-cultural exchange through food, games and performances. With an attendance of approximately 3000, Festival of Nations is one of the largest student run and led events in the state. Approximately 20 international student clubs will get together with UMSU International to sell a mouth-watering variety of ethnic food and to showcase their cultures through games, performances and costumes.


13. Dookie Campus Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Jacinta Way, FVAS, Dookie Campus

Outdoor exercise equipment will be installed across Dookie campus to promote the health and wellbeing of students.


14. Student Peer Leadership Network (SPLN) Megan Dench, Academic Services The Student Peer Leadership Network (SPLN) creates a multi-tiered engagement program with current students to develop skills to support other students in their educational journey. Peers will receive training and leadership coaching and develop skills transferable to their learning and professional environments. As thought partners and co-creators, involved in entry level advising, students will be supported to create their own projects to meaningfully engage their peers. $248,360
15. Employability and Communication Skills for STEM students Belinda Day, Faculty of Science Employability and Communication Skills for STEM Students” will be a free short course (1 hour per week, over 8 weeks during Semester) available to final year bachelors and graduate students enrolled in STEM courses. It will enable students to enhance interpersonal and networking skills by allowing students to learn about and practice communicating in multiple modes to a variety of audiences in a supportive and fun environment. The course will focus on ensuring students know how to articulate to employers the skills they have learnt during their studies and how they can transfer them to the workplace. $71,133
16. VCA Student Film Archive Curation and Online Site Donna Hensler, Screen Production Coordinator, VCA The [Officially] Curated VCA Student Film Archive aims to organise, curate and showcase the many quality student films made at VCA. The project is about unlocking the VCA Film School archive for the first time to create new intersections between expert knowledge, curatorial practice and student-generated content. Unprecedented online access will be granted to the graduate student film works of Australia’s oldest film school (the archive contains more than 1,700 short films dating back to 1967). This hidden collection will now be made available so that new audiences discover the content and teaching, learning and research opportunities can be created. $250,000
17. Nano-Satellite Project – Melbourne Space Program Andrew Wetherell, Student, Melbourne Space Program The Melbourne Space Program (MSP) is initiating its first Nano-satellite project, CS-1. MSP is a student body dedicated to innovation and the education of students through developing their working knowledge and skillset. CS-1 consists of the design, development, construction, testing and launch of a Nano-satellite form factor satellite by students using the CubeSat standardized design criteria. The project’s core objective is to contribute meaningfully to the development of students within the program, improving their technical and business skills from a variety of faculty perspectives, improving students’ University experience and future employability through the experienced gained working on the project. $225,000
18. ‘Communicate and Connect for Success’ – Language Development Program Guido Ernst, Academic Services, on behalf of the English Language and Learning Support Project In 2017, the English Language and Learning Support Project will focus on strategies to provide English language and learning support for our diverse student cohort.  These strategies will build on existing support for students who need it and provide opportunities for students from all cultures and backgrounds to successfully participate in the educational, cultural and social life of the University. $500,000
19. Fair Food Uni Cycle Sophie Lamond, PhD student, FVAS

The Fair Food UniCycle Project will make fair food on campus easier by investing in infrastructure that can be hired out by students, clubs and societies, student representative bodies and staff.  Anyone running an event that serves food will be able to hire out the Fair Food UniCycle. The Fair Food UniCycle will be accompanied by training programs and workshops that will help participants build practical cooking skills to enhance their understanding of fair food principles.

20. Melbourne Law China Society (MLCS) Yini Chong, JD student, MLS

The MLCS will provide a platform for students who are interested in an international career, particularly for students who wish to further engage with the increasingly relevant role of China in the Australian legal context.  The funds will support providing students with free weekly Chinese language classes, a negotiation competition, an international case study competition, an alumni networking event and other events including a welcome lunch, dumpling eating contest, a BBQ and information sessions.

21. Water Safety Program

Craig Bamford, MUSport

This project will provide international students and other students with a specialised Aquatic Education program to teach the skills necessary to act safely in all aquatic environments.  The learn to swim program will be offered at no cost to the participant.  Additionally, a supervised beach experience will complement lesson time, providing international students with an experience that they will associate positively with their time at the University.

22. MBS Case Competition Committee Sharon Soltys, PhD student, FBE

The project will establish a student-run committee to organise postgraduate participation in International Case Competitions. The committee will organise case competition training programs and assist in the selection of the student teams representing the University.  The committee will also assist in the hosting of the Apex Case Competition at the University in December 2017 and lead students in other international case competitions.

23. The Active Campus Program Thomas Lutwyche, MUSport

The Active Campus Program will support the participation of 3,500 students in sporting and recreational activities.  This includes 2000 satellite and regional campus students based at campuses at Burnley, Creswick, Dookie, Southbank, Shepparton and Werribee.  Additionally, 1000 international students and 500 residential students living in and around the Parkville campus will also be supported by this program.  The program will offer activities at no or low cost to students.

24. Diversity Week Amelia Terry, Faculty of Arts

The aim of the program is to build socially inclusive communities and partnerships within the University of Melbourne. Working collaboratively across faculties, divisions and the Student Union’s clubs and societies unit, the program will celebrate diversity through a range of socially inclusive activities, events and workshops, public lectures and other activities. The outcome of program will ensure an integrated and enriched University environment, attuned to social inclusion, equity and reducing barriers to participation. The program will also engage and link students with existing programs and services.

25. Indigenous Tertiary Education Games Charles O'Leary, Murrup Barak

Supporting enrolled indigenous students to attend the Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games contributing to strengthening and empowering the student community and providing cultural support to the diverse indigenous student body. The Games are increasingly important to support a strong and connected indigenous community.