Step 1: Choose your accommodation

When you enter Australia on a student visa before your 18th birthday, you must have appropriate accommodation, support and welfare arrangements in place as required by the Department of Home Affairs.

When coming to Australia, your options include:

Living with a parent, guardian, or relative

If you intend to live with a parent, guardian or an eligible relative while studying, you will need to apply to the Australian Government to have this approved.

This person will require a valid visa to stay with you in Australia, and must:

  • Have enough money to support you and themselves during their stay
  • Be able to provide accommodation and other support
  • Be at least 21 years of age.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for further information on welfare arrangements for international students under 18, as well as information on the Student Guardian visa.

Living in University-approved accommodation

If you will not be living with a parent, guardian or relative, you must apply to live in University-approved accommodation. This also applies to students who are on a packaged offer with Trinity College Foundation Studies, Hawthorn Melbourne or another Australian education provider.

You'll also need to register with our Under 18 International Student Supervision Program. This program ensures that your accommodation and welfare is appropriate, and provides support and encouragement until you turn 18.

Types of University-approved accommodation

  • University Accommodation

    The University provides an accommodation guarantee for all under 18 international students in university owned or partnered accommodation.

    One of your housing choices is University Accommodation, which provides trusted accommodation residences for students under and over 18. If you’re an under 18 student, you will be placed in either Lisa Bellear House, Little Hall or UniLodge Lincoln House - all are pre-approved by the University. The accommodation must be available on or before the date you arrive in Australia. To apply for University Accommodation, follow the instructions on the University Accommodation page.

    If you would like a residential college experience, then please apply for International House or Medley Hall.

  • Other student-only accommodation

    The following accommodation providers are all pre-approved by the University of Melbourne. You will need to apply directly to these providers and then upload evidence of your living arrangements (eg a contract or lease) when you submit your application to the Under 18 Program and accept your offer.

    • Journal Student Living: Uni Place
    • Scape: Queensberry
    • Student Village: The University of Melbourne Campus
    • UniLodge: Student Living 800 Swanston
    • Yugo: University Square

    Please note that specific lease agreements and fees will vary between providers.

Once your University-approved accommodation is confirmed

  1. Receive an accommodation confirmation letter.
  2. Pay the administration fee and weekly fees for the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program.
  3. When you accept your offer, upload your accommodation confirmation letter and rental agreement to the acceptance portal.

I've arranged my accommodation. What's next?

Step 2: Set up your student account