Mobility award terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for mobility awards at the University of Melbourne.

1. Definitions

An approved overseas study program or subject is a University of Melbourne Exchange or Fee-paying program or a University of Melbourne subject with an overseas component that is being credited towards your University of Melbourne degree.

2. Benefits

The benefits of the Scholarship are specified in your scholarship offer.

3. Conditions

The following conditions apply:

3.1. Enrolment

You must receive approval from the University to undertake your overseas study program or subject and you must enrol in your approved overseas study program or subject.

3.2. Program postponement or cancellation

If your overseas study program or subject is postponed or cancelled by any party after you have received the award payment, you must notify the Scholarships team by submitting an online enquiry. You may be required to return the payment.

3.3 Ambassadorship and scholarship reports

  1. You agree to participate in any ambassadorship activities as requested by the University of Melbourne. This includes the University’s Global Mobility blog and other social media channels, events and student showcases.
  2. You give permission for the University to provide your name and course details to the donor of your award. You must provide a scholarship report within two weeks of completing your overseas study program which may be made available to the donor of the scholarship.

3.4 Concurrent and future scholarships

  1. If you are awarded a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant or Endeavour Mobility Grant, you will not be eligible for a Mobility Award for the same program and your award will be withdrawn. You may be required to return any award payment you have received.
  2. In accepting your offer for a Melbourne Mobility Award you will not be eligible for a future Melbourne Mobility Award as part of your current degree.